Find a good price to buy a plots

hi all

Looking to buy plots At a good reasonable price

Please advise


I can sell plots.

How many do u need?

hi i need 450 plots If you have a suitable offer, that’s fine. I also want to know how to download after purchasing

450 plots is about 30-35TB. That is the capacity of my plotter, while plotting to 4-8x HDDs in RAID0/stripped JBOD.

Without HDDs directly attached to the plotter (there are very little people with 10Gbe connectivity at home). I doubt you get plots below 1$

For 450$, you can get own plotting machine with 256GB RAM

These are common prices.

The rest I agree with, but does depend on hardware costs where the OP is located, as for downloading plots, as you say that very much depends on the OP’s download speed.

I would happily offer a plotting service, but I simply don’t have the upload speed, as I suspect a lot of people don’t.

yep, I have 1000/100Mbps…1Gbe is crap…15mins…100Mbs…150min ROFL

Few people have 1Gbe fibre…very little 10Gbe


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Having 1Gbps upload speed with capability to upgrade up to 5Gbps, blessed with fiber optics :slight_smile:

Hi, I have few TB of plots for sale, please let me know if you are interested.