Plot on Demand - 0.05$ per plot

Want to try myself in PoD field.
I’m offering 0.05$ per plot bladebit_cuda compressed c0-c9 plots.
Currently, I have 0.5Gbps uplink.
Producing 480 plots per day regardless of c-level.

Theoretical speeds are:
78Gib / 0,465661 Gibs(my uplink speed) = 167.5 sec (2.8min) to download 1 plot.
1 plots takes ~ 3min + 30 sec to move to temp storage(ramdisk).
Temp storage buffer can contain up to 5 plots.
Shoud’n be bottlenecking anywhere.

In case of high demand have the potential to upgrade up to 1-5Gbps.
But my plotter cant saturate full bandwidth.


i am seeking plot files.
you can contact me.
you can find my fules here.

Good price ! Are you able to plot k33 ?

bladebit_cuda unable to do so yet.
I’m not sure but gigahorse possibly can.

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Are these plots supported with FlexFarmer? I would be interested in upgrading all my plots. I have about 60TB.

I believe so, this plot format are supposed to be supported by all pools with compression support.
Are you interested in compressed or uncompressed plots?
Would you be able to grab it via ssh?

I’m interested in compressed plots. I’d like to try just a few to make sure they work and if they do then do all of mine. Yeah I would be able to grab via SSH that wouldn’t be a problem. I don’t see a way to directly message you here.

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Hello! I’m interested in replot my farm 170 TB, I don’t have super fast internet connection (300 Mbps) please contact me so we can make the deal.