Fresh windows install chia just refuses to open

My switch to a windows Pc is not going smoothly.

I had the app open running logged in 1 time.

Hasn’t sense ben able to open.

Any thoughts?

Perhaps your drives are too full?


All Windows updates complete? I forget what dependancies are required but having all of the .Net Framework downloads and other craziness complete is a good thing.

Also how old is the chipset? I have an old Intel Atom board (2010) that WILL NOT open a wallet in GUI (times out) in Linux or Windows but a fresh install of CLI works just fine.

I also have an old Phenom II box (2010) that finally loads GUI ok after sourcing a medium sized HDD, installing Windows, and letting Chia install the database files in the default location. There was a small SSD in there (old) that was on the way to failure and hammering it with blockchain appeared to be my problem there (same symptoms as you, Chia loaded once, program wouldn’t even load again after that).

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Have you checked event viewer to see what the error is? May give you a clue about what is going on. If you are unfamiliar with windows, it is in control panel → administrative tools → event viewer. Or just click the windows start button and type event and it should come up.

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Yes, make sure you stop the windows installer before it gets to 100%. 100% full install is fatal!!!


Truly only a select few hit that 100% the rest of us on gigabit. Stay at about 99%

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this is my personal rig. z590 chipset i9 11900k on water.

so I have no idea what could possibly be doing this.

iv re installed chia numerous times to no avail.

does anti virus software block chia? I use immunet. with is basically clams but is heavily threaded version.

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hardly helpfull. thanks tho

ive only ben banned one time

drjones was my handle 3 years ago

and it was because I blabbed about a massive exploit overtsean by all. to this day. I don’t even implement it. it would destroy the chain if say 10 people new… could reallllllly fk things up

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what am I looking for exactly?? in the event viewer

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happy to teach individuals how to replicate plots exponentially in ones farm

basically tho. Iv come up with a one liner that mounts a drive to a harvester virtual container. I can mount the same hard drive to as many containers as I can manage. each with its own memory and cpu cores…

this has a compounding affect and is able to fool everything all the way until the pool operator catches on and bans you. they could see I had 60 harvesters all with the same number of plots…

if it where. done solo pooling. I believe the impact would be real. and you would get more chia. cause it does fool the pools but they ban it.

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at the time I had only. 1000 plots. but with this method my farmer was reading out at 2.6 petabytes n my logs looked great. fast times from all my harvesters…
but I had to give it up as all my plots where for pools.

I have not attempted this in 2 years.

I filed the bug/. contacted chia;… blabbed it loud wherever I could
no one c. ares or believes

but when chia is worth more than u can imagine and this exploit still exists…dr jones will have last laugh

its extreeamly complicated and further requires my own written code I to mount a drive multiple times to the same computer.