From Bram on Discord: "We will have to do a hard fork to a new proof of space format at some point."

Looks like a hard fork could well be coming to deal with compression.


Maybe that will be the official end for OG plots, finally.

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Well, some people may have a very busy 2024…

I expect everyone will need to replot.

As long as we keep GPU plotting, and creating the plots in similar time then I’m fine with it. I still have my plotter, and my plot mover so it’s pretty much set and forget to replot.

Me too, I can replot one every 57 seconds on each machine and have 4 plotter machines available, but I’m starting to wonder if I want to as I watch CNI stumble along their current path with no real headway in getting corporations to use their tech.


So does this mean that uncompressed k33 and k34 plots will have to be replotted as well?
Or am I missing the plot, so to speak?

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I think if the plot format changes, then everything will need to be replotted.


An important question will then be - how much time will we get when both formats will be supported (time from the moment the software is made available to the introduction of the fork).
Because I assume that it must somehow be “interlocked” in time.

Not everyone has racing plotters.

He (bram) mentions some extreme compression implementations are grinding table 1 … I’ve only heard of drnick, what are the others?

I like it! Brings chia back on the right path. Storage is key not compressing.


They are making this up as they go along. Implement compression then freak out because people figured out how to do it better. If only so one had said this was gonna go bonkers. So now that we see we f’d up, we are probably gonna have to change it, make compression very hard to accomplish. I vote we change the name from chia to replot!

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The thing is, everything evolves and this is all we are seeing with Chia. Yes mistakes have been made, they always are, some worse than others, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Replotting doesn’t bother me, if it needs to be done to protect Chia then so be it, as long as we still have fast plotting. The last thing I want is Chia to crash and burn, because that will mean the XCH I hold will be worthless.


I agree. But it would have been nice for some fore thought, say clamp compression to a decent level 5, anything more is rejected. I’m no programmer and that may be impossible , but leaving compression open ended was just asking for trouble. We are down to what 24 gig plots now. Next week 12? (I’m joking). Does chia seem well thought out to you? Just asking. Is that why it isn’t being adopted that well? Seems like there is hesitancy in adopting it. As I’ve said before this is a hobby. I don’t sit and read pages about chia. Saw brams comments and just thought “weren’t you the one that introduced compression”?

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The whole thing is a mess, but seems to me a lot of things are a mess these days.

Wasn’t is NoSSD that kicked off the whole compression thing, July 2022, then Gigahorse came out in February 2022, and Bladebit (CNI) later still.

Without a change to the plot format its not possible, even then someone may/will come up with a way. NoSSD, Gigahorse and Dr Plotter completely circumvent the the Chia Harvester, what pools/the blockchain see are just results, just from a different method than what CNI came up with, the end result is the same though. There is no way for them to stop that in software, because that software is replaced, so that leaves other controls like the plot filter, changing the plot size, or changing the plot format altogether.

What CNI seriously overlooked was just how clever some people are, and how fast technology moves, they didn’t think it was possible, or certainly wasn’t power efficient to do it any way other than there own way, they were very wrong.

I’m also just a hobbyist, I don’t read the white papers or anything like that, it would go way over my head, and I’d soon forget most of it anyway. I got in big when it all kicked off back in May 2021, spent a shed load of cash, I’m way off getting a return on investment, so just along for the ride and hopefully can accumulate enough XCH so if, and that’s a BIG IF the price goes up considerably I can get a decent return.

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I too spent too much $$$. I didnt financially harm myself,but still. I’m riding this thing into the ground . The only reason i am even slightly pissed is the investment . Faith in a project that kinda makes me question wtf is going on. Im a old.veteran and this screams federal.government . (not literally ,but how its ran.)

This is what the plot compression technique has arrived to us finally… a fork!
Congratulations to the compressed plots inventor and also for all the followers of this stupid idea.

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I like that phrase, same applies to me, although the money spent would have been better invested in my private pension fund.


I have been silenced many times on the discord channel so far.
The basis of what I said was that chia was not managed well.
I have opened a topic in this forum many times and stupid discussions constantly occur.
and now we are in this situation.
I asked a few questions on the discord channel today and unfortunately I didn’t get an answer. The basic logic of my questions was this;
If the reason for new plots to appear is compressed plot files, why are we bothering with the plot filter?
Why do we need new plot files if we are dealing with plot filter?

“We are missing something or chia continues to be poorly managed.”

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I know you code and deal with software. Out of curiosity, could there not be a certification period for a found block. Where a hash has to be submitted to cni to verify the block is “good/to their standards” before the block is awarded. Just a question.

That’s way beyond my level of understanding or skill set, but surely that’s exactly what the blockchain does rather than CNI anyway.