Gigahorse taking whole 0.25 nft block reward

This address xch183rqja3f2ak4f72w9enc88v0788vjp5ns3c2n2sctxpcnewzh2yqtcu2rs which seems to belong to gigahorse took my whole 0.25xch reward from the block I won. Thought the dev fee is 3.x% ?

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Tale a look at this thread (especially at Max’s response) - 3 blocks in a row went to MadMax as fee, what is wrong with my farmer?


It cannot take just 3%, so the fee is taken probabilistically and will average to 3% over many blocks found.


Use Flexfarmer.

You have option to continue to farm to your own node if you don’t want to use Flexpools node, and the 3% fee is taken from your partials to the pool instead of the 0.25 block reward.

Plus Flexfarmer reduces overall I/O’s…

Flexpool is a decent pool as well…