Gui ask for Key and Backup - what to do

Today my GUI asked me to type in my 24 words
i did it and than it said “drag and drop your backup”
i dont even know if i have a backup
i clicked on “next” and than it said
„non type objekt is not subscriptable

What can i do?

What version are you running? I’m on windows 1.2.11 and it has never asked me that when I have to restart my node.

Same here.
1.2.11 and never was asked this before.

I’ve only ever known it ask for those 2 things after a fresh install.
Did your computer crash, close unexpectedly, restart itself?

I did restart the computer because the GUI was down and a restart of the GUI didnt work, it didnt finish.

Sounds like something got seriously affected, I’ve never seen this before, a database corruption is common but not this.

As for the second box where you can drag and drop a file, that’s unnecessary, I always just skip that.

Personally I would try reinstalling the chia software again.

May be worth backing up your database first if its of good size, but I have my doubts about that as something badly went wrong, and I’d imagine your database is now useless, but check it’s size.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

i just wrote: Installing new wouldnt be a problem, just cost time BUT i had (only) 2 Chia farmed, and still had them in the GUI, not in a wallet, can i rescue them?

And then tryed a new install, that was done in some seconds and i was able to log in with the good old button (using my key, without need to tyoe the 24 words in)

and there are my 2 chia :slight_smile:
Problem solved Thank You

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The gui is s wallet, so long as you have the 24 words you used to create the wallet, and use those words when you do the reinstall, you will regain access to those 2 coins.

They won’t show immediately, but after successfully reinstalling, and letting your wallet sync you will see those coins reappear.

Good luck.

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It worked, i just edited my post above
Thank you

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Brilliant, glad for you, enjoy your day.

Now just for CYA, when your GUI is not running and after a reboot, copy the .chia and .chia_keys folder to an external USB hard disk for a super backup as of that time frame.

Where do i find those folders?
I have to say i lost the interest of chia in the last 6 month and am not up to date

I did built a PC for farming Chia, soon had my first 2 chia but than the value droped and everyone was waiting for the pools and i did miss the whole pooling thing and lost the interest in my chiafarmer.
I just checked once the weeek if its still running, i didnt plott at all anymore cause i did spend thousands for hard drives already

I had no time to learn about pools and there was never a new chia farmed.
BUT I guess now i should finaly learn about pools, or is it “a waste of time2 same as the last 6 month?”
Do you guys still plott and farm?

The folder is c:\users\yourname\ .chia and .chia_keys

Thank you i will copy them from time to time from now on

Now your talking, will save you big time down the road.

I dont understand that. English isnt my main language

If you don’t have a huge amount of plots I’d consider pooling, at least you will get some daily reward.

I’m still farming, not plotting currently, but most likely will again at some point.

Its just a saying or expression

I have about 1000 Plots. Is that a lot? I guess its not huge at all, isnt it?
I will have to check how the pooling is done
But i also think about selling my harddrives. Paid so much for them

I have 7000 and could not win regularly without pooling.
After 2 months with no reward I moved to a pool.