Help Creating a setup

I have 36 Hdd 160tb can someone help me create a setup. I’m new at this.

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Can you please define “I’m new at this” And what docs have you read about setting you chia farm?

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I was an ETH miner. For me chia is new.
I know 1 plot = 101 GB = 2 threads = 4Gb ram = +/- 250 gb ssd.
But I rarely see it being applied

Download the latest Chia app & sync

That will give you a few days to read around chia +/- watch Youtube videos for beginners. It’s very straightforward

People are really helpful but I think you need to be more specific with questions


Sync the blockchain on an SSD, 250GB is probably fine but bigger is better if the size balloons in the future.

Also you’ll want a bigger SSD when you get to plotting, 250GB is a tick too small (or tons of ram, you’ll have to tell us your goals when you get to that point).


My question was simple. I have 36 hdd 160Tb
And what I have read is 1 plot = 101 GB = 2 threads = 4Gb ram = +/- 250 gb ssd.
But I’ve seen that most of the time don’t do it this way.
i get confused how to put together a correct setup.
That’s why I asked for help setting up a farm.

I believe thst is using chia plotter, which we dont use as its slow.

Research madmax or bladebit plotter instead is my advice.


Maybe I missed it but what hardware do you currently have?

Can suggest some plotting settings depending on what you have

Oh, make a pool NFT if you haven’t yet. It’s the bottom tab in the wallet - “ADD A PLOT NFT” on the far right in that tab.

Pick one:

You’ll need a little coin dust to create one. Get some here:

It’s just like ETH mining in that respect, you could go solo with the size farm you’ll have, but pools will smooth out your payments.

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And ignore the old documentation and Youtube videos unless you want to get a feel for the old way of plotting. These guys had to set me straight too, I spent probably 3 months playing with the “Chia Proof of Space” plotter. I actually quite like it. Very therapeutic. But it’s wasting time when you could be filling those drives to actually get some coins! Literally all of that stuff you read goes out the window.

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So what people may be thinking is you have qty 36 4TB hard disks? The power to run 36 disks vs qty 2 18TB disks and be able to grow. Like running a 10kw oven to bake 1 cookie.

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Currently I have 36 hdd of 160Tb each. But I haven’t started setting up yet because I need to know for sure what hardware. I don’t want to burn money.

Well, you can plot on virtually any hardware so you don’t necessarily need to buy anything.

You still haven’t told us what hardware you have so its hard to advise but you have a good supply of hard disk space so that’s a good start (assume you mean 16TB each)

I just plotted on the main machine I had at home –

AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
GeForce RTX 3070
DDR4 (2 x8GB) 3200mhz
Plotted on x2 NVME 1TB - both still going strong despite nearly 10 PiB plotted.
Some people plot via a RAMdisk as it is faster but considerably more expensive.

As others have said, its worth having a bigger SSD HD for your main node as db is increasing over time (mine is 2TB). I’d suggest keeping plotter separate from main node (can be minimal hardware but SSD probably essential) but that’s up to you.

I get about 45 minute plots using Madmax on that setup. If your setup is anything like that you can work out how long it would take you to fill the drives knowing 1 plot = 101GB as you have stated

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the hardware I have are the hdd disks. I’m going to buy everything.

5.7PB ?? … or … 576TB ?? Either way, that’s going to be some
plotter/farm setup from scratch! Good luck!!

You should aim for the fastest plotter you can afford. Get it down to 15-25min/plot using BladeBit Disk and 128GB memory will get you there…eventually. Slower will be like watching paint dry.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Good save. ( 20 chrs ).

Thank`s for your help.
I been Thinking and if i buying:
CPU 128 threads
Ram 226 Gb
M2 4 ssd x 4Tb
i can do +/- 56 plots

56 plots in Chia calculator =$2
The value of $2 is wrong. Correct

If you buy a CPU with 128 threads you owe Fuze and me lunch!!!


I saw @seymour.krelborn put his foot in the pool, but he doesn’t want to owe me Pizza :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: