How many plots at a time?

Basic Q but just wondering if there is any scope to increase plots - currently running 6 plots (x3 each on SSD & NVMe)

AMD Ryzen 7 3700x 8 cores/16 threads
32GB DDR4 RAM 3200
SSD1 Samsung 860 EVO 1 TB
NVMe SSD WD Blue SN550 1TB

HDD Sata Seagate 10 TB IronWolf
HDD Sata 2 Seagate BarraCuda 8 TB

I think the SSD/NVMe are my limiting factors - running windows 10 on both so space limited to 900GB before plotting. Given temp size assume this is three (240GB X3)

Would staggering the start times of plot make any difference?

what timing you get to finish 6 plots ??

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Thanks - 21227 seconds = approx 5hrs 54mins

I have 1TB NVMe drive and I’m plotting 4 in parallel staggering them by 2h, but I’m on Ubuntu though… With 16 threads and 32GB RAM I think you could try plotting 4 in each drive… but I’m not sure if this will work on Win10. :confused:

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The staggered timing confuses me. Could I ask how you decided on a 2hr staggered start?

I am not sure at what point the bulk of the Temp data is laid down - does the staggering maybe get around this?

i.e. by having one plot nearly finished as another plot is starting means you won’t exceed the drive capacity with the temp files

I’m a newbie, but I think this @codinghorror post would help you to understand more about the Phases.

Once said that, I wanted to avoid more than 3 plots on Phase 1 & Phase 2. My time for P1&P2 with three plots was around 4h per plot (used plotman to check), so I guessed staggering them by 2h would work (and it does).

In substitution to plotman you can use SWAR which has been tested in Windows.

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Hey , i have r5 3600 with 32gb ram , and 1tb ssd
Will you recomend for me to make 3 plots in paralel with 3 x 4gb ram , and to use 3 threads fro1 plot
Soo im planing to put 3 plots in paralel with 12gb ram and 9 threads , does it sound good too you?
and what shoud bee a delay time when the plots are finished
Thanks !