I am the proof that OG uncompressed plots are worthless

I am the proof that OG uncompressed plots are worthless.

It had to be said.

If anybody wants to know the context of this post just read this thread.

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He wasn’t going to make it anyway. $16/tb for used hdds? Ain’t no way.


thanks Mike, you’re a real credit to humanity.

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Lmfao no wonder he’s acting nuts.

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There’s always hope.

(Lot of 2) Western Digital 18TB WD Gold Enterprise, Hard Drive WD181KRYZ (36TB) sold for $965 on March 6.

Majority sell for less than $300 though, even 20TB have gone for $200 Probably ex Chia farmers selling off drives pushing prices down.

The method I use for selling drives is to research recent sold prices on eBay, and then advertise them at the top of the price band, but only with I have discounted fee’s offer.

Sorry buddy, ROI is not on your side with Chia farming if you’re buying at those prices. AI is buying up drives so there’s hope for these to actually rise in price…eventually. Hopefully it’s not just SSDs.

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