I am very nervous. We do not deserve the value of chia

I am very nervous. We do not deserve this value of chia going down slowly but surely. When the big coins go down, chia goes down. When the big coins go up, chia again go down!!! Whats wrong with you chia??? Behave yourself. I am running out of patience. I am not dreaming of getting rich in 50 years but at least I could get back the money I spent in a few years?? :weary::weary:
PS: When I started 10 months ago, 1 chia was $ 260!)


Sounds like time for a protest.

XCH is up 10% since this day started :wink:

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In the meantime Node count and Netspace are still pretty much the same.
That’s one of the “problems” with this project in this situation. If this was PoW, people would just switch to another coin. In this case most farmers are invested and have sunken cost in hardware, hardware that is much harder to use for something else.

So when in a PoW situation you would see higher returns in the amount of coin you receive when the price drops. In our case that effect is much smaller so we’ll just have to wait and see.

I do wonder if Chia Inc. still believes in the ‘Chia is so good, we don’t need marketing’ “strategy”. :sweat_smile:

On the other hand, if you are a large, experienced crypto investor and a coin starts at a ridiculously high price, a good strategy might be to wait a while before getting on board. Very possible that bigger players are waiting for this thing to hit bottom before really acquiring any stock.

Adoption of Chialisp is going to take quite a while. And that really is the key to the whole thing. Without an active developer community creating stuff with Chialisp, we’re in the holding penn.


Hang in there for 2 more years. If it goes up by then, the price right now doesn’t matter too much.


Meanwhile… Reality is a bitch… as is doing the same thing (buying disks, plotting, improving the node, understanding crypto, etc. etc.) repeatedly… and expecting a different (better?) result… is the def of insanity… which at times makes me doubt my own… except it’s too much fun, technically, NOT to do it. Sigh…


Traders will trade, btc goes up, ppl convert to get the btc gains, btc goes down, ppl convert to short or retain value.

You can’t control this, but you can ride the waves and make a pretty penny.

How, that’s a plan for you to devise.

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Maybe there is another angle that can be used to look at that. With all the XCH that I have that drop amounts to ~$10 or so for me. Would I want to see the price going up or at least stay level? For sure.

However, I don’t have enough fingers to count how much that drop reduced Chia’s pre-farm value, not to mention Chia’s IPO price. Also, I think that they are thrilled to answer VC calls. So, I will let them worry about that for a moment.

Look on the bright side, there’s not really a standard mainstream place to even sell ur chia coin right now if you live in the US. So you can’t sell it anyway.

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When I started a year ago it was $1500 lol
I remember before xch went live, people were predicting a $25-$50 price point . I guess we’re finally there.


I’ve spent a fortune, but it is money I can afford to loose (although I’d rather not), if I hadn’t spent it on Chia related hardware it would be in my pension fund, so yes that’s taken a hit as well as loosing value anyway so if Chia doesn’t come good I’ll probably have to work a little longer to make it for it. The way everything financial is currently going I’ll probably have to work a lot longer!

0.6$ p/Tb/month mean ~60$ per year for 10Tb HDD
That mean as minimum 5 years ROI
Add electricity cost, + plotters, network hardware etc… looks like 6/7+ years.
I’m afraid, that we will loose an old nodes
As result - we will have a problem with decentralization in future… and… surprise! surprise!.. could loose chia as a potential crypto basis for big players as World Bank etc.
Solution? Start marketing companies to adv chia. It’s works for “meme coins”, so it should works for chia on that period.
I’m sure, that if Mask tweet something about chia tomorrow - we will have 260$ in the same evening.

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Nope. $694.20. I actually thinks something like that can happen. But chialisp needs to be a thing first. Plus chia has to show that it will be able to securely scale especially if the Ethereum community gets scale with sharing and ZK rollups (I’m confident they will). Then the advantage is having an L1 with a low power but different security mechanism. XCH very early right now.

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Chialisp is the weak point: a developper need a good fuckin’ reason to learn a new language, and Chia isn’t one

Well I’d call it a double edged sword.

You are right it will be a major battle to get any sort of meaningful adoption going.

But there are things starting, some stuff being developed by third parties and developer forum started for Chialisp. It will be a long road :sweat_smile:

If you look at the past, there is already a graveyard of good devs that started really nice project and abandoned it for various reasons.

With chialisp or just with chia?

I doubt chia lisp makes any difference. Product defines the value, not the language used. As I voiced before, Chia attacks at early devs (e.g., MM, Flex) were idiotic, and really didn’t help. Seeing them trying to rewrite history and have us think that it never happened is just a continuation of that BS.

As a developer, you don’t get good with any programming language, unless you tip your toes in the water. So, most of those devs decided that the ecosystem is just not working well for them to continue (i.e., spend more time looking at chia lisp).

We have a difference if opinion here.
What helped everyone move to erc ( eth ) , IMO, programmable contracts, what does chia lisp allow, programmable contracts.

Not gonna try and convince you, just sharing thoughts.

I think we are saying the same thing. I am not saying that there is no point to use chia lisp, just that one needs to start somewhere. And of course, to get all the features most likely chia lisp is the way to go.

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