I will buy some plots

hello guys,
i am ready buy plots 0.10 usd per k32 plot.
if do you want sell you can contact me

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Same here, really want to buy to store it for future and because know nothing how to mine and setup computuer configuration or any tech issues related

0.10 cents per plot does not pay the cost of electricity, let alone the labour time. I believe you never will find someone to do it for you for less than 1.5USD.

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How about 0.2usd/Plot ?

How many plots are you wanting? What disks do you have for them? Are you US based and willing to pay round trip shipping?

How to trade ? I’m from VietNam
How about 500 Plot for first trading ?
I have 2 x 6TB WD Red Plus SATA at this moment !
Can i use Cloud ?

Cloud is to expensive to make sense.
500 plots will not fit on 12tb.

Do you own a pc?
If so, just use that to create plots.
As i already told you, use what you have.
As fuzeguy mentioned, learn about everything, that really is half the fun!

If your going to pay for plots, pay for someone to walk you through it all, your pushing your roi further and further away, and its far enough already


Hi @Bones
Thanks for your advise.
I have 3 PCs with me now :wink: but its configuration is low and use for office only.
Now im thinking of buy new one for capable of making Plot and earn CHIA (if any). As im not Tech-savvy

Your best advice of the day > Don’t >Buy XCH instead. I have over 5000 plots now, and after 2 yrs in, my rewards from XCH are worth the same as they were after mainnet started even with consistent rewards earned. It’s been a downhill slog ever since, and very discouraging. Sure things can turn around, but when? And what are the odds of it actually happening? Unknown.

Only…pls read… ONLY if you want to enjoy learning about computers get invested in crypto… everything else if simply pie in the sky dreaming.


i’m From Vietnam, can plot Danh, at Hochiminhcity


I can plot on 10 yr old pc, slapping a nvme in it speeds it up alot.

Listen to fuzeguy, thsts my advice also…


It appears that you are seeking some basic information, which will help you to get started.

Plot files come in different sizes, referred to as “k32”, “k33”, “k34”, etc.
Each step up in size is roughly double the previous size, and doubles your chances of winning. So two k32 plots have about the same chances as one k33 plot, and the k33 plot will consume a little over twice the space as a k32 plot. So there is no real-world advantage to larger plot sizes.

For getting started, I recommend you use k32 size plots.

k32 is the smallest valid size, and is what the vast number of Chia folks use.

A k32 plot is approximately the following size, in bytes:

I used a bunch of “8’s”, for simplicity.
All k32 plots will begin with 108, and likely have another 8 after that, and then the rest of the numbers will be a mix of anything.

For example: 108,862,386,905

With the above in mind, you can divide the size of you drives by 108,888,888,888 and know exactly how many k32 plots will fit on your drive.

If your 6TB drives have 6,000,000,000,000 in free space, then divide that number by 108,888,888,888 and you will get 55.102040816776343190341031372982
So your 6TB drive will fit 55 k32 plots, and have a bit of space left over.

If you go shopping for more hard drives, use the above division to determine how many k32 plots will fit on your new drives.

Larger hard drives cost more. But, for example, spinning one 12 TB drive uses less electricity than spinning two 6 TB drives. So there is your utility bill to consider, too.

Also factor in the cost per TB.
Take the price of the drive, and divide it by the number of TBs.

If an 18 TB drive costs $300, then that drive’s cost is $16.66 per TB.


Bạn add zalo mình nhé… ae trao đổi thêm… scan QRcode và add.

Yes. Correctly, at this moments. I DON’T INVEST MUCH in computer configuration for CHIA Plotting, just to know some techniques about script and code… and how it setup
I will invest to buy XCH instead, for sure !


Buy Chia directly, if you are not in for the fun of the experience building your own rig, it doesn’t really make much sense to spend money buying plots.


So, for an average US based Gigabit home internet connection, how many K32 upload can do in 24 hours?

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A 1 Gb channel can do approximately 118 MB per second (that’s the average speed that my gigabit network gets).

There are 86,400 seconds in 24 hours.

The above translates to 10,195,200,000,000 bytes per day (roughly 10 TB).

Divide the above by the size of a K32 plot (approximately 108,888,888 bytes), and you get 93 K32 plots per day.



Ever you tried?

At home gigabit I transferred 90 plots to harvester. It took 3 days. Peak read write can be near 100MB/sec. It is not sustainable.

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My above numbers are based on networking speed and plot size.
If your network will not sustain that speed (which is understandable, based on any number of conditions that folks will have), then your numbers will be less.

The above numbers assume that your network will be 100% dedicated to plots transfers, and that nothing else will compete for network bandwidth.

By the way, I am using a 2.5 Gb switch (my other PCs are 2.5 Gb). However, the port on my harvester is 1 Gb.

Also, I am using Cat 7 cables. It is overkill, but perhaps it is allowing me to squeeze a bit more speed out of my 1 Gb connection?