Is my farm broken or am I just bad luck?

I have over 23,000 plots farming and been constantly getting drop close to the ETW suggested, 2-3 days.
Since the 2nd of May the farm been dry and nothing dropped.
I’m just paranoid that something is wrong, I have checked all the below;

Plots are passing through filters
Response time is < 1s. there are the occasion spike once or twice a day but i think thats just normal.
The unit is fully Sync all the time.
currently running 1.3.5
Done plots check with power shell n30 average score is 1.

Am I just having a really bad luck run or is there something else I need to check ?

You can also check if your missing any sub plots, and how many times your plots are passing filters per day.

For this i use farmr to monitor my farm ( but the backend does keep going offline occasionally ).
Some ppl use chiadog to monitor their farm.

Either of those 2 bits of software should give you an overall view of farm health.

I have never used chiadog, so cant offer advice on that really, but many do use it.

You could also double check your payout addresses to make sure thet are yours and werent altered after you updated chia version.

There are 2 addresses on the farm tab, top tight are 3 little vertical dots, manage farming rewards.

If you have any pool nft’s each of those also has a payout address that you can view on the nft itself.

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Thank you for the suggestion.
I will look in to Farmr.

I forgot to mention, i turned Flax on and it was getting win. so Flax was working fine.

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If you register on with gmail acc you will get notifications if anything goes offline.

You do have to take the warnings with a pinch of salt as like i said the backend occasionally drops.

Its not to often that happens though.
Still a good free tool IMO.

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Its all part of the waiting deal, my lack token was May 8th…

When did you last upgrade?

I was running 1.3.5xxx beta back in April.

I wanted to know when the OP upgraded.

In keybase #announcements it was posted that 1.3.5 was released on May 11th

I have the same “problem” here in Germany. I have about 4300 Plots, waiting time 14 days and since the update from 1.2.11 to 1.3.X at the beginning of march NO wins. Evething seem fine with my farm. I tried farmr looks good, i am faming in a pool now for 2 weeks looks good. I also synched from scratch. The times are below 1 sec, no errors in the logs…
In the past i used to win much often with half of plots that i have now and bigger net space. My biggest hit was 3 wins in 9 days, waiting time 3 month: D Pretty odd stuff.

While I’m waiting gives me more time to eat more of my favorite things.

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Just luck, i have apx 7000, started pooling as i went over 2 mnths with no blocks, apx time to win was 9 days.
Last mnth i hit 7 blocks so a lucky streak.
Im now at 24 days since i hit a block.

It all evens out in the end.

ETW of 2-3 days and it’s been almost 20 … I would be worried too. I can confirm that wins are possible with 1.3.5. I’m running it and won on Thursday. I’m not sure how you made it so long (such a large farm) with no monitoring software. I use Chiadog. It lets me know right away when there is an issue. You have a huge investment there. Take the time to setup a system to make sure it is running at peak performance all the time and that you know the moment something is wrong.

Good luck.


It looks like my sub slots is crap. You know how I can improve this?

Unfortunately i cant.

There is a post here from the farmr maker explaining it a little bit.

Can you post a pic of your farmr readout?

On mine i have 125 complete sub plots, what is yours at?

If you didnt have your log level set to info before installing farmr, you should expect your no to be lower until its been running set to info for 24 hrs.

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just limited down the peers to 30 to see if it will improve anything and this is from the last 10 in

Your longest response time is far too long.
I get a tiny % over 5s and im ok with that, but 56 sec is far too long.
Missed 9 challenges also not good especially if your solo and not pooling.

I know restarts can throw those numbers, so hopefully thats why theyre looking so bad.

Hope the node lowering works for you.

FYI next to your name on farmr there is a down pointing arrow cliicking that and choosing legacy can show a slighy more in depth view.
No need to post it here, just wanted to let you know.

Agreed, that’s way out of bounds and should be investigated. The resulting missed challenges are a definite no-no, there is some real problem in the node.


farmr ave

shows the min, avg, and median times are fine. They could (maybe should) be about 1/2 that (because it’s certainly possible), but 1.0s average is nothing to be ashamed of. Bottom line, the node doesn’t miss challenges too much, so, statistically, rewards shouldn’t be effected terrible much… but they are. Ummm.

To start troubleshooting, I would suggest opening your log file in notepad (or something) and looking for that time and see (possibly what HD is causing it) and find the others too, to see if there is a commonality.

Thanks guys.

that’s from reloading 24K plots. :rofl:

I do that get once or twice a day, it seems to be at a fix time of the day.

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As fuzeguy said, keep an eye on it , the log will tell you which plots are taking a long time, if there is a particular drive involved every time it could be dying or need looking at.