Large quantity of 14TB HDDs + Free JBODs

I’m interested in 84 drives if still available, please send DM. Thank you!

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Hi, interested as well. Does anyone know if these JBOD’s work with generic LSI SAS HBA’s? Thanks!

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Howdy, is this a business or private sell? I am interested.

business, Rhino technology group

Luke, I am trying to contact you thru the business website. I can’t figure out how to message you privately over this forum. Maybe I don’t have permissions or something.

May I contact you through your company too?
Do I need any reference in the heading to get to the right person?
Considering some jbods also, and wanted a quote for shipping ect.

Interested in a JBOB enclosure.
LMK what you would charge for one with a few drive.

Hey, The JBOD itself if you would like to buy it without the 84x drives would be $500. $95 for each drive.

When you coming to South FL on vacation???

Hopefully Rhino can get the shipping issues resolved. We have had to return several damaged disks. Luke is fantastic to work with and he is great at dealing with the RMA’s.


Hi Luke- I just joined this forum. Do you still have any drives and JBODS left? I am looking for 2 JBODS with 168 drives and possibly double that. I found your company’s website, what’s the best way to get in touch with you? I live in western Wisconsin, so I would just pick them up.



Hey Adam,

you can send me an email and

got it. I will send an email shortly. It will be from

Hey Luke,

I’m just checking to make sure you got my email. Thanks

Luke, do you have any Dell PowerVault MD3060e JBODs?
Dont need drives, just the JBOD.
LMK, thanks

Sorry, don’t have that in stock

Hi Luke! I’m guessing you still have some of these - I’d like to get one (84x14TB or larger) shipped to CA. I don’t see the option to DM available to me (new forum user) - please lmk how to connect to get this rolling!

BTW - I have a small datacenter and have lots of experience hosting stuff like this, having built / deployed 1000s of similar storage machines in the past. Vibration can be an issue with such dense drive trays - anything to watch out for with these?

Sorry, these are all gone unfortunately

ok well you got any more hdds / deals?


been a while

but I have 8x 106 bay seagate JBODs, 4x with 14TB HDDs and 4x with 16TB HDDs.

Please reach out to me via email if you are interested.