Lebanon Jon has left Chia Network Inc

With @LebanonJon, VP Storage Chia Networks, leaving the company, in my opinion they have lost one of the true driving forces behind the Chia blockchain. Every serious farmer knows who this guy is. He will make himself available as an advisor for Chia Network’s circular drive initiative. I’m shutting my farm down and may buy XCH if/when it hits $5 for long shot potential. I’ll keep all the equipment in case it recovers but no longer throwing electricity money out the window but rather will put that savings into a fund to buy chia when the price hits bottom and move Chia into one of my long shot crypto investments.


Recent price correction and layoffs have me concerned. I’ll keep mining, but I would not buy Chia right now.


But if its costing more to farm XCH then your are better off buying it, tax implications also need to be factored in.


For sure a big loss.

But he’s still plotting and farming though.

He just did a 30 sec plot on a h100 :sweat_smile:


Lol so what, you’re probably plotting and farming too, what the heck does that do for CNI?? Their vision was a corporate play, not the coin, and it is falling apart. He’s no longer their VP, when he finds his next gig that where his energy will be.


if company is in survival mode, you have to cut down dead wood :wink: Back in Corona paranoia, we grease monkeys were the last stand in the company…working the whole time, while 3/4 of company was “homo officing”

Amusingly, company still worked even without useless people. In the following decade, lots of unprofitable companies will have to learn…or die.

In the modern world, >70% of staff in every large company is dead wood.

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It appears you are randomly talking about the layoffs while this post was specifically and clearly about the loss of Lebanon Jon, unless you are suggesting that he is what you are referring to as “deadwood”??? I certainly hope not!


is he the one who was in charge of making BB compressed plots?

I said it on one of the discords, but I’ll repeat it here - he was definitely one of us (farmers) and was and asset to the ecosystem. Will be missed! Good luck to him going back to the 9-5 work.

At this point we can assume CNI won’t be pushing forward with major hardware, plotting or farming innovation, at least that’s what the tea leaves say.


JM was & is a plotting and storage god. He was instrumental at Chia IMO. Him leaving has me extremely concerned. The layoffs were like losing a limb, and the possibility of selling any pre-farm feels like a hit to a vital organ. The market is reacting appropriately and expectedly to all this bad news. I don’t see how XCH price can recover unless and until there is MASSIVE good news to turn things around.


Everyone is in charge of making their own plots.

If you mean to ask if he’s Harold, the creator of Bladebit, then no, he’s not. That’s Harold, the creator of Bladebit.

(4) JM​:seedling: on X: “good morning farmers :seedling: @GarlicBroccoli heating things up at PCIe 5.0 Selected cuda device 0 : NVIDIA H100 80GB HBM3 Completed Plot 1 in 30.84 seconds ( 0.51 minutes ) https://t.co/J9ClXMoW9b” / X (twitter.com)

Losing Jon is suboptimal, but he is well known in the storage field and will certainly find something new to do. And Chia (both CNI and the blockchain) will go on, and he’ll still be around.

The Chicken Little stuff is already tired, folks. Give it a break.

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yes that is what i asked, if he was the developer of BB. i see.

that was hillarious btw. you are funny guy.

You’re the one who said “in charge of making BB compressed plots” and not “in charge of making the plotter.”

I’m not as funny here as “Is this one guy a completely different guy,” but you’re on par for your history.

say what? you are funny :100:

The thing is that JM’s rol was focused in the “ecosystem” area, like plotting and farming.
That is the branch that CNI decided to cut, to allow their main business unit to keep going.

The general loss of most of the ecosystem is a major cut, obviously. But I don’t find the news of JM leaving super surprising after reading the initial press statements. If you’re cutting 30% of your staff, basically a whole branch of the company, big names ae going to go as well.

My point about him still farming and plotting, and so still being active in the community is that in that way he is still a Chia advocate. He’s just not getting paid for it anymore :sweat_smile:

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Yes, the fact that he remains bullish is a testament to the Blockchain and to CNI.


How about he has a lot of XCH in his wallet (why wouldn’t he?) and so what’s the point of him bashing Chia, however (un)likely that might be? He wants his XCH to still be worth something going fwd, yes?

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I’d say that both are true :slight_smile:

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Good point. Woke up to a new ATL.

Not to mention he left Intel to join this start up at the very early stage so I suspect he must have had a stock option promise for the targeted IPO (that is how Chia founders/management intends to make its $$$) which may still be in place and tied to certain behaviors related to his severance package. Plus I believe he loves chia itself, but either way, he’s no longer their VP and that is the disappointing place where we are.

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