Let's try to find the unluckiest among us

I’ll start: have been farming since the 12th, 409 plots/0 XCH. Everything seems to be working as expected with my setup/not sure there is a whole lot left to debug so perhaps it is just because of bad luck.


The netspace is growing to fast. Faster than I’m able to create plots to compensate.
But since this is all about probability, it does not matter much.

Good luck to us all!!!


Well, looks like I’m out of this race :star_struck::


350 plots, been here since 15th march and only 6xch. Founds plots in logs taking over 30 seconds to be farmed = failure. Fixed this and we try agin.

Down to 4 days now (with logs looking good).

Keep an eye on the Buy/Sell/Trade section for some upcoming deals on hdds/ssds if I don’t get a block reward by the end of the week.


@andrew Don’t give up!!
I started plotting/farming on the 21st of April, so 6 days ago. As you can see, this is a patience game.
Just let it plot/farm and forget about it.


Thanks yeah, at this point I’m just desperate for a block reward, not for the XCH but just to determine if my setup is working properly (which from all I can tell, is).

Doing some very rough calculations from a google sheet I’ve been tracking my number of plots vs the total netspace with, it looks like a 4% chance of not getting any block rewards to date. When only counting the days since I’ve switched away from remote harvesting and just running a full node (assuming there were issues there), it’s about a 30% chance of getting no block rewards. So I guess within the realms of plausibility still.

Screenshot from 2021-04-27 12-28-13

Edit: actually this calculation is wrong, since I should only be counting each day once. Might be more like 20-30% odds of no reward based on my stats


Could you please share this on google sheets?
Looks interesting

I would if there is a way to share anonymously?

if the formula for the daily chances to win is what you are after I used:

1 - ((1 - (<plots in TiB>)/(<netspace in PiB>*1000)) ^ 4608)

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I’d be willing to bet that your harvester is timing out. Enable DEBUG in the config and look for harvester messages that say how fast it returned the results: it normally has 30 seconds.

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Up to 383 plots, should exceed 400 by tomorrow morning… logs are clean, response times are quick, port is open… 0 wins so far, but just need to keep plotting, have room for another ~1500 plots.

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You might mean INFO, but yeah I’ve had that set and watching logs for 5-7 days now and don’t think it’s an issue with timing. Here’s a result of running cat chia_full_log.log | grep 'Time: [^0]' (i.e. find any time not beginning with a zero), and there is nothing close to even approaching 30 seconds over the last day: https://pastebin.com/raw/VAY3Vv6k (too big to paste here).

I’m also keeping logs indefinitely now with just my full node running to try and identify errors better. I regret not having centralized logging across all machies running the harvester remotely from day 1.

Also note on my plotting rigs that are no longer running the harvester, I still have around 1 day of logs from each of them from when they were last run- no errors/warnings of note, communicating with the main node as expected, nearly all check times all < 1 second, never approaching close to 30s.

The longer I was going without a block reward the more I was suspecting bad config/errors somewhere, but the longer I spend in the logs and debugging where any potential issues are, the more I’m convinced it may actually just be bad luck.

What OS (and if linux what distro) are you running out of curiosity?

Are you also running remote harvesters on multiple machinesalso ? I was doing this for the first 10 days of farming or so but switched to just the one main PC running a full node accessing plots over the network (probably not a good idea for scale, but it eliminates a lot of potential issues/complexity, and I just need to keep an eye on the response time in the meantime).

From what I have read there are big issues with network storage and Chia. I’d be very nervous to have invested as much in plotting as you have and risk facing those. @codinghorror faced this with a NAS.


Yeah, this is somewhat of a temporary solution until I do a proper storage server build which I’ll aim to either run a full node on, or just the remote harvester. At this stage I’m not convinced there aren’t undiscovered bugs with remote harvesters that are causing some people to not get any block rewards so just running a full node and accessing drives over the network seems like a lot simplier of a setup.

As long as I’m monitoring the check times I should be right though? My longest times now are 1 or 2 seconds with a couple of plots passing the filter, and doing a full proof obviously would take a little bit longer since there are more reads involved, but still should be plenty of time to be < 30 seconds.

Also even if in my logs I see a successful proof, and it took longer than 30 seconds and I get no XCH, I think that will even be a win since it would validate my system can at least get a proof, then I can work on timing issues at that stage

I wish I knew :slight_smile: My plan is to build one farmer with a bunch of 16TB drives attached in any way I can so I don’t need to worry about all this!

I have a single full node on windows 10, with network access to the plots, and all my responses return in under 7seconds, generally below 4s.

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To be clear I faced it with MULTIPLE NAS’es. If you build one single big massive NAS it might be OK but that’d be… expensive.

I believe it was a chaos theory problem personally. 2-3 NASes… fine… 5 NASes… not too much. Basically this:


The project does need to step up their game on 30s limit on harvester proof times though. This is gonna come back to bite a lot of people in the long run.