Lowest price to buy Chia

Good day to all. I would like to hear your opinion, at what price are you willing to sell all your chia? I think by 2030 the project will be a great success. will the fate of Bitcoin repeat itself? after all, we also saw everything on Bitcoin and buried it 500 times over the 13 years of its existence

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May I ask the reason for giving your thread such SEO optimized keywords ? I took the liberty to rephrase the title in a more positive light, as I assume you want to buy Chia for the lowest price possible.

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new account? :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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It’s trivial to make a new account and spam this forum since there is no moderation.

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It’s Russian ChatGPT! Hello spambot!

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no spam) I’m an ordinary person, I wanted to get your opinion on the price))

Hi, how are you ? why so much negativity?

Vlad, you’re not an ordinary person, do not downplay yourself.

какой он тебе Влад хуйня ты обоссанная )))

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I worry about the future of the country, so I’m looking for technologies that in the future will have a great impact on the financial and economic sphere of Russia.

unless, you can predict the future (no one managed that so far in whole mankind’s history) who knows.

For me 100$/XCH 2y later would be all paid off. Maybe they deliver what they promised…who knows…or it collapses.

If you want a cheap entry point, watch this coin for the next couple weeks/months. After the announcement of layoffs at Chia and selling some prefarm coins, the coin will probably be on sale shortly here.

XCH might seriously tank if they sell any coins; so much so that anyone with a bigger farm might be better off saving the electricity money by turning the farm off and using the savings to buy XCH, turn it back on if the coin recovers.


When I check here, I observe that team members on Discord come here and try to manipulate people and change the subject.
This isn’t going to work because the team really keeps screwing up.
If I lived in America, I would definitely hire a lawyer and have a judge ask Hoffman how the prefarm coins, which were said not to be sold, entered the market. Also, did the team open a short position while selling their premine coins? I really wish a judge would ask this too.

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Some lf the fired employees are desperately trying to control the narrative deleting posts and banning people left and right

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who cares what they do with their coins - it is their decision, and survival tactics. they need to raise capital, or we are all screwed.

their vision was to become publicly traded company - in this climate almost impossible. IPOs are dead for at least 4 years. The usual pumpy-dumpy strategy would be hard for questionable technology.

Intelligent miners, and of course the market.

Wealthy/intelligent people take action instead of whining :stuck_out_tongue:

Corp wanna sell more shares/coins, it means dilution, panic…let’s milk suckers :wink:

Market is one big paranoia run by suckers, fuelled by HFT and smart people :wink:

You can whine, or earn…your choice. Sell now, wait for crash…buy cheap…or whine, whine some more…and then sell me all your coins once it crashes to 10$…only to see it rally back to 30$ :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats one opinion, to believe its the only correct one is a fallacy.

you mean like believing selling coins will crash Chia, and market is efficient? ROFL boy, I do not wonder you people are poor.