Lowest price to buy Chia

Good day to all. I would like to hear your opinion, at what price are you willing to sell all your chia? I think by 2030 the project will be a great success. will the fate of Bitcoin repeat itself? after all, we also saw everything on Bitcoin and buried it 500 times over the 13 years of its existence

Welcome to our wonderful community. We wish you a long and healthy stay.

May I ask the reason for giving your thread such SEO optimized keywords ? I took the liberty to rephrase the title in a more positive light, as I assume you want to buy Chia for the lowest price possible.

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new account? :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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It’s trivial to make a new account and spam this forum since there is no moderation.

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It’s Russian ChatGPT! Hello spambot!

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no spam) I’m an ordinary person, I wanted to get your opinion on the price))

Hi, how are you ? why so much negativity?

Vlad, you’re not an ordinary person, do not downplay yourself.

какой он тебе Влад хуйня ты обоссанная )))

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I worry about the future of the country, so I’m looking for technologies that in the future will have a great impact on the financial and economic sphere of Russia.