Moderation is absent

The forum is clearly unmoderated, just take a look at the moderation team presence… Can we get a new moderation team or at least do something about all the toxicity? Else there will be massive scams on the next bullrun.



Very simply put.

I thought I was alone in this very thought.

Thank you for making it blatantly clear.

There should be a disclaimer at the very least…

Too many captains on vacation.

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There is a golden rule when it comes to forums. You never question the moderators. I try to stick by that principal.

There may be the occasional dust up here, but I think for the most part we’re mature adults. I don’t think things have gotten too ugly. Where I draw the line? Is when you tell me that I have to be positive. Or that I have to be nice when somebody tries to insult me.

This forum really hasn’t had the need for excessive moderation. Nothing good comes out of excessive moderation in my opinion anyways.

As far as I understand, this forum now has a link on the official Chia website. So if there’s no influx of new people, I guess that sort of says something about where we’re at on this project.

And as for the next bull run? Nobody’s going to be fighting with each other when things are good. It’s when things are bad, people get grouchy. They are more combative. Did you see what I did there?


People get scammed during bullruns.

Well, I guess we have nothing to worry about then…

I doubt they are paid so like everything you have to do your own research and hope the bad eggs to get smacked down eventually.

Unfortunately we rush our posts sometimes and one persons toxicity is just another person’s getting an impact to quickly move the discussion along. (The latter is poor form by the way)

Everyone carefully read what they write and how it can be received by some of the most paranoid weak minded people you ever met then edit it so they won’t be offended.

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That’s the effect of abuse, when a home (or in this case a forum) is under the influence of narcissists who don’t contribute anything but let their hatred run free (and then invoke laws about free speech and other nonsense).

Chia moving away from Keybase is great news, we’ll finally have another venue than this forum.

Its because they dont care.

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What does your reply have anything to do with the moderation team of this forum ?

This has nothing to do with him and he has stated it.

Just making sure you know you’re offtopic. I’ve flagged all your posts obviously. Keep ranting !

This is why I love this place!

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Looking at, there are no traces of Bram working there, or at least I didn’t see any. There is no “team” page there, so really hard to tell.

My understanding is that Bram left that company to start Chia in 2017 (although, still may be on the board). The last Chia’s VC round was in 2020. BTT was introduced the latest in 2018 (based on the white paper - If that is the case, I think that VCs would have rather a hard time investing in Chia, knowing that the main founder works potentially for a competition (he would need to disclose it, as potentially a substantial holder of that company, plus a board member).

Although, the image you have there looks legit, comparing to the one they have on their website -, unless someone has photoshopped it, or maybe they removed his name to avoid potential legal actions.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :slightly_smiling_face: lil bram :rofl:

I thought this was a troll thread, are we being serious? Kuz chia just did the ipo announcement and generally meets timelines or close to it. So im like ok whatever lemmy stir the pot lul


I guess you’re on topic : moderation is absent so you can keep talking nonsense. I hope they ban you for your replies.

Instead of moaning about lack of mods, why not put some names forward.
Im sure i recall a recent post asking for ppl to do just that.

Link ?

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