Multiple Chia windows 10 Client full node and changing manually for database V2


I have changed manually all of my 14 NUC full node for the v2 database after updating client to the version 1.3.5 because some of my chia windows app have continued to work with a part of the v1 database and my NUC have only 256 Go of SSD.

Since I have not wining. Normally, I win every 2-4 days.

I have changed in config.yaml these lines

  database_path: db/blockchain_v1_CHALLENGE.sqlite
  database_path: wallet/db/blockchain_wallet_v1_CHALLENGE_KEY.sqlite


  database_path: db/blockchain_v2_CHALLENGE.sqlite
  database_path: wallet/db/blockchain_wallet_v2_CHALLENGE_KEY.sqlite

and nothing else.

Have I forget to change something in this file ?

You did run the .\chia db upgrade correct? It would have changed the config.yaml to V2 for the main node section, you just had to change the wallet to V2 enven though they said in KEYBASE that it talks to the V2 database in the code.

Thx for the reply

When i go to C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\chia-blockchain with cmd (admin mode) and i start “.\chia db upgrade” the chia client start. It’s ok and this is normal ? I have no alert about the db upgrade

Edit: When i go to C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\chia-blockchain\app-1.3.5\ it’s ok but he say “run already on mainet no upgrade needed” or something else.

If I delete the config.yaml file, this file is re-created on start ?

It will, but you need to re add plot folders and alter anything you had altered before.

How long have you been waiting to win now?
Have you checked your payout addresses are correct since upgrading?
Have you checked your still at the correct pool if you pool?
Has your log got any errors?

How long have you been waiting to win now?

8 days. Every month when i have a bug version of chia client it stop to win and in normal case i win max after 4 days and normally 2-3 days for 24k plots

Have you checked your payout addresses are correct since upgrading?

Yes correct

Have you checked your still at the correct pool if you pool?

No pool.

Has your log got any errors?

No error. Plots pass the filter normally on each NUC and no error about another problem…

The past month with version before 1.3.5 the problem was when a windows client win a signature all the NUC stop to wining and it was necessary to restart all windows clients from all nuc…

Your win isnt so late it couldn’t just be luck.
Are any of your plots nft plots that are self pooling?
If so check your nft is still set to self pooling, and the payout address on the nft itself.

I have restarted with a new config.yaml file generated by the app and i added by copy/past the plots directories on each nuc config file. I’ll let you know if that solves the problem.

To be honest 4 x expected time to win is not an issue on its own.

I have expected tome to win of 8 days and just had a dry spell of 32 / 33 days. Thats to be expected and normal.

If you had errors it would have been more of a concern.

Do you use any monitoring software like farmr or chiadog?

See here if your interested.

After copying the v2 db on all NUC without regenerate the config.yaml file it seems not working correctly but re-generate by the client on all NUC the config.yaml file and this farm re-started to win now every 2-3 days as expected.

The v1 and old version of the windows client break all NUC windows chia app each time a client on the network win. Of course it was necessary to restart all client app each time one win (with older version then 1.3.5)… (this is my older bug of a past month)