Multiple harvesters on the same LAN

Hi all,

is there any problem having multiple harvester with same wallet and active GUI or it will have sync problems ?
will they work with no problems ?
and if they are on the same LAN ?

If I understand correctly there may be a way to have multiple keys for the same account, each harvester has a key, is this correct?

thanks in advance.

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I believe @farmerfm has multiple harvesters on the same LAN, I think. Harvesters are designed to run together on the same network, moreso than farmers, so I don’t expect it will be a problem.


Sounds like you are describing multiple full nodes with GUI. You might not be able to get port forwarding working for all of them (see How to farm Chia with 2 different wallets). That makes staying in sync a little bit harder. Other than that it should work.

If you are really talking about 1 full node and multiple harvesters, no, there won’t be any problems.


One full node… one GUI (on the full node if at all… I don’t use the gui)… multiple harvesters. This setup works very well, I’ve won 3 blocks in the last 4 days with my setup and only 1750 plots! Follow the instructions linked above about farming on many machines, giving each harvester the farmer ip, and generating the certs correctly. Good luck!


I spent the entire day today setting up a harvester on one of my NAS’s. I used the docker version. A little more complicated than just a normal linux install like the instructions in that link. But running well. I couldn’t just get the harvester alone to work but I do have a full node working just fine. upnp turned off an the harvester reporting back to my “real” full node. Working well. I wish the full node would show the real plot count from remote harvesters in the summary of the farm tab.

Going to load the docker version of chiadog tomorrow. Then I will have complete instructions for me to do my other systems when it comes time.

I’m running a node at my home and a harvester in same local network.

my friend is also harvesting to my node from his home via remote. i have a static ip at my home and he is connecting my node with my ip address. we have under 1 sec plot filtering times and all harvester are running without any issues.


Just to echo what @farmerfm said, the remote harvesting doc on the git works. I was super skeptical because I had to transition to a harvester built on a VM on my NAS (after reading @codinghorror’s posts) and while the response times were dream status, I hadn’t won anything in a while.

Bad timing to switch to remote harvesters right when the netspace exploded :slight_smile:. Anyways, I just got my first win after changing my config up and thankfully it was on my remote harvester as well. I strongly recommend switching to multiple remote harvesters if you use network storage, and further using the nas itself to be your harvester. My response times dropped by 100x.

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