Need harvester tips - Chia - 1 Pib goal


Still working on my chia farm. Currently have 300 Tbs in two computers.

Got myself a JBOD, but the noise is to much for my liking.

My aim is to get 1 Pib, but I would like not to have 6 computers to make that happend ;p.

I have been looking at: Icy Box Extern HDD Kabinett (10x HDDs) storage

But is the 10x USB enclousers going to work with a chia harvester when its connected to my computer?

Anyone have any good experience with any enclousers or any other solutions? :slight_smile:

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Should be fine.
I have apx 700 tb, 47 disks, i think 2 or 3 are internal, all the others are connected via usb.
6 x 5 bay enclosures and 14 individual drives.

All that happily running on an old fx 8350.
The majority of the drives run through 2 x 10 port usb hubs.

No need for harvesters, 1 node does fine.

How much is that enclosure you linked? Looks expensive.
I recall looking at them and thinking they were overpriced in the uk.

Ah, theyve come down in price a bit since last year.


I using a couple of these. that 10 bay looks neat.



Connected only by USB? Is the connection fast enough for a chia farmer? Is how is the heat on the harddrives?

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Yes its connected by USB 3.0
Small snapshot using CrystalDiskinfo

Not bad

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Btw, I want to grow my farm, but currently the roi for one harddrive are 5 years. The expected lifespan of a harddrive is 4-5 years aswell, any thoughts? ;p

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Agreed on your estimate that ROI for say a 12TB is somewhere around 5 years, at least bought at European prices I’m aware off and of course at current Chia price. With power costs includes it’s even more like 7 years…

So my thoughts are that people still investing in growing their farm are able to buy at better prices, have low energy costs and hope for (much) higher chia price; probably a combination of those;-)


Don’t forget these drives have some value as long as they still work. You can ‘sell the farm’ when you’re done. Say these 16 and 18TB drives are the equivalent of 3TB drives all over ebay in the future. Yes they are tired, and no, nobody really wants them, but they’re still worth like $30 to some brave soul that wants to tinker with something. It’ll be the same thing in 5 years when you’re done. Somebody will want them, and you’ll be able to recover another 10 or 20% from the equipment sales to offset the drives that burned up.

They should work fine, but it’s quite an expensive solution imo. For half that money you can get a second hand computer with a sata expansion card and run 10-15 disks that way.
Or you just find some hdd racks, and connect them via a HBA + sas expander to the main computer
One more option might be to replace the fans in the Jbod with somehting like noctua, unless it is the power supply that is making the noise.

It all depends on how much DIY you want to do.

without DIY, the options are I think limited to:

  • Jbods
  • USB (either usb enclosures or external drives)
  • Running multiple computers and setting them up as harvesters
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I swapped out the stock fans in my SuperMicro JBOD for Noctuas and I work all day in the same room as it now without going crazy. It was mad loud on the stock fans. Power supplies make most of the noise now, I think it’s possible to mod those as well, but I haven’t tried yet.

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Server PSU fans are triggered by the internal temps. So, as much as those temps are related to the power used, they also depend on the amount and temps of inbound air. You could try to put a 60-80 fan in front of your PSU inlet, and that will help to quiet it down a bit.

A better approach would be to drill a 60-80mm hole in the case and deliver air that doesn’t go through HDs. After I did that, my PSU is mostly quiet.

A more expensive approach would be to get a PSU with a better cert (Platinum, …). Assuming that your current one is 90% efficient, getting a 92% one means 20% less heat generated by the new PSU.

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The first Nas I had was built around a hot swap chassis like the Norco. While not really as good quality as the enterprise jbods, they fit standard pc power supplies and fans.
Their designed to fit a motherboard, so you’d have to fool the power supply in turning on without one if you just wanted to use it as an enclosure.

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PSU-Paper Clip-EN.pdf (


Why? What? Huh? 20 characters

High Density Storage Unit - Period


I have read mixed reviews on amazon for that enclosure.

Several reviews complained about drives periodically, and repeatedly, disconnecting.
Also, some complaints about one of the drive bays does not work.
Also, that you cannot replace a drive, without disconnecting all drives.
Also, several DOA complaints.

…and customer support is bad.

I am looking for a low cost enclosure, and that one seems ideal. But I am concerned about the complaints.

There are far more reports from satisfied customers.

You own two of them. What has your experience been?

One more question:
The amazon rear photo shows only a USB port.
But that same listing reads “SATA”.

Is the photo from an older model? Or does SATA refer to the drives that it supports?

Not true, each drive has its own power button. I can add or remove a drive just like an external USB drive. I have been running a couple of these boxes for several month now. Farmr would report if there were any issues with any of the drives.

I just wish they were cheaper. Or have to wait till xmas…

You can have any product and people will have issues. I plot on a machine in the garage and when that drive is full I bring that drive in and install it and add it to config.yaml

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Does it have an eSATA port? Or is it strictly USB?

Also, I read different accounts of the drive sizes that it supports.
What is the largest capacity drive that you are using in one of your enclosures? Syba 8 Bay Tool Less Tray Hot Swappabe 2.5" 3.5" SATA Non Raid External USB 3.0 Enclosure SY-ENC50119 : Electronics

I am using 18TB disks both WD and Seagate

@drhicom The description reads:

Hard Disk Interface Serial ATA-600
Connectivity Technology USB, SATA

The rear photo shows only a USB port.

Is there a SATA port? Or only a USB port?

It also reads:

Digital Storage Capacity	8000 GB

That translates to 8 TB.
That is why I am asking questions, because I cannot rely on the amazon description.