Netspace going down as of May 9th, 2021

Why the netspace is going down? Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

I’ve been wondering too…

You can add me to the list of wonderers. :slight_smile:

Down two days in a row now.

It’s just a blip… something to do with software version update with some farmers. Watch it grow back even bigger in due course.

seems to finally creeping back up? I’m surprised it took this long.

It drops because a lot nodes didn’t upgrade to version 1.1.5 Such nodes doesn’t counts as netspace.

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Ah, didn’t realize it didn’t count. You could still win though… I definitely did waiting out my plots before upgrading. I guess I didn’t capitalize on netspace but was just lucky.

Yes, you can, but on Keybase some developer wrote that 1.1.4 will lose like 30% of filters possibilities. Don’t know whether it’s true, maybe it’s was written just for quicker users updating )

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Check here for what the COO said about 1.1.5. FYI: Network is down @ block 255108 -- Upgrade to 1.1.5 ASAP

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that makes it even luckier that I won on 1.1.4, lol. Time to buy… a lotto ticket? Or maybe a HDD to fill my last bay I have on my rig since my plotting drives are almost all full… lol

It’s a bit of an aberration that they didn’t, so you can’t be faulted for not realizing it… I didn’t either at first. NORMALLY a non-updated node chugs along fine with the others, but this particular patch fixed a critical bug that allowed bad data to get into the block chain which caused impacted nodes to stop progressing past a specific block height.

Patched 1.1.5 systems were able to reject that bad data due to a quick fix, and once enough patched systems were in the wild they built consensus to override the bad nodes and took over progressing the blockchain forward once more. However, the unpatched nodes were prevented from moving past that specific block height due to the bug, so they in essence sort of fell out of sync and any farmers residing behind those nodes stopped counting towards the netspace until their associated nodes were patched.