New pool protocol

Any idea when new pool protocol will be launched?

I have the same question. I just got my new storage setup today and I was hoping by the time it got delivered and and setup that the I would be ready to plot to a new pool. But so far, I haven’t heard anything. Everything I heard was that it was definitely going to be by the end of June. But that is quickly approaching.

Yeah they sure are taking their sweet time.

But the thing that is starting to annoy me most is the complete lack of communication from the Chia team. Some update, even if it’s bad news.

I think their communication - or lack thereof - has seriously hurt the project so far.

Information is fragmented, questions and complaints have been met with annoyed and defensive responses.

The multitude of complaints about the lack of pools (at least at first) was mostly self inflicted by saying may 17th while they prolly should have know they could never make that.
If you don’t make your deadline, you say “we’re sorry” and then explain why it is going to take longer. Instead they just complained about the complaints they where getting.

I saw a post that they wanted to mass-close the 1.4k open issues on github to clear up all the nonsense there. Even though i agree that this would be the best thing at this point. If you would have a clear source of information, support and communication towards the community, the community wouldn’t be plastering your twitter and github with with questions. So it’s a solution for a symptom instead of the cause.

with $60mln in the bank you would think they can hire a few PR an customer relations ppl…
on the other hand two months really isn’t that long. But since i’ve been engaged with plotting and learning about Chia time seems to have slowed down and everything seems to take forever. ’

Bottom line is their communication sucks and they need to fix it asap!


Look at the recent commits pn the GitHub project. It seems pool support is being added to the client right now.


Yes you’re right it really does seem like they are committing a bunch of stuff to main related to the new pool protocol.

I’m putting this in the good news category until proven otherwise


Yes good news:

When will Chia official pooling software be released?
Testing has been performed on testnet, and the launch will happen soon.

So they are now in the next pahse

We’re in Phase 1 and almost into Phase 2. Some pools are allowing farmers to plot to them on mainnet using the Phase 1 plots. Obviously farmer beware as these plots will likely be changed in the future and you’ll need to replot again!

Phase 1, Phase 2 … are there any estimated timeframes on this? And is there a Phase 3, 4, 5?

Phase 2 will likely come in a few days and be done in under 2 weeks. After that its release.

space pool just said that are in phase 2 today and it should take 3 days

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So end of July/beginning of August most likely? :+1:

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I’d say Early to Mid July.

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Let’s hope so. Will it be possible to farm in a pool and solo simultaneously on the same machine?

Yes the specs say you can do both or switch back and forth on a timer.
(at a cost to switch)

OK, so on the same interface, same PC, I will be able to see my existing solo plots farming and the pool plots farming at the same time?

From what I have read, yes.
“Provided” they are new plots that can act as either type.

Phase 2 has started today! This is huge news! It now needs to run for three straight days with no severe issues. After that, we can expect a SW drop Sunday or Monday! Hopefully, we have competent Pool Operators to assure this goes well for everyone. It is a good day in Chia Land! :slight_smile:


New plots are called “Portable”

So, my understanding is, now that it has moved to Phase 2, pool operators are in the final stages of integration into their systems. So that when Chia releases the new version, their pools will be ready to go live. Correct?

Of course I understand that any vigilant pool operator has been working in testnet along side the dev team for a while. I’m just saying it is now crunch time. Now having access to relatively complete code (protocol).

So july 5th at the earliest, if no problems pop up during this final test phase

I read that, with the US Holidays, earliest is the July 7th.