No win after chia 1.3.3 - 1.3.5

Did you get a new phone?

B!7ch took it in the divorce. I had the new one surgically attached to my hand. Not losing another woman like that.

Dry-spell of 3 months. March 18th. Since then: nothing zero nada

I have a rock-solid internet connection (only downtime was a well over a month weeks ago for 5 hours due to planned maintenance at my ISP) and I watch over my farm like a hawk. I use ChiaDog and ChiaHarvestGraph and my farming has been consistently stable and healthy. I’ve got good hardware which has worked like a charm (and still does).

Netspace has gone down massively since end of last year so I have no idea what is happening. The problem is not my system.

I’m not crying, not whining, I’m calling it what it is: BULLSHIT

I’m pulling the plug. No point in hanging on to a concept that is seemingly based on total randomness. It can’t be that winnings where relatively consistent for many months, then totally collapses.

I enjoyed being part of this while it was still working. Tinkering, optimizing. It was interesting.
So adieu. Netspace just shrunk a bit more…

My ETW is 12 days now, my dry spell is now more than 8x of ETW. If I wouldnt hit in another 12 days, my step would be back to 1.2.11 which worked well for me…

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v1.2.x is closing on EOL, so that route will not last long. Although, maybe going back to v1.2.11, and coming again to v1.3 (with a removed config.yaml) will fix it (if it is really a bug).

Also, you have two dry spells, the first is as you described, but we all (that are also in dry spell), hope that the second dry spell starting with your latest resync will not go past 2x, and all of us stuck will follow what you did. So, just keep us updated.

The problem with this is that it is really hard to put a red line at when this should be considered a bug, vs. just bad luck. Sure, it is easy to tell others to just wait, but it really suck for those that are experiencing it.

I had such exchange on Chia’s github, and they also couldn’t tell where that red line is. However, the part that really suck is that there are no Chia tools that can check the farm / settings integrity.

Actually, around v1.2.2/3 or so, there was a very similar thread on Chia’s github, where people with multiple PBs farms were stuck. Chia didn’t give rat’s ass at that time to offer any help. However, the next release somehow magically solved the problem, while all was blamed on bad luck, not the fact that the next version potentially fixed the bug. So, I am waiting for the final v1.3.6 as well.

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The last beta was 6-13-2022 and I check everyday for my testnodes…

Do you have it running on your production farm as well, or rather on your test one? It is kind of a long shot, but written that previous post (and reflecting on that v1.2.3 problem), I am considering it right now. Although, every morning, I am waiting on a good news from @Wawka

Well, i do not have like a test node or something.

But my question would be. Is there a problem if I resync on my Linux computer and use this db on a Windows machine?

Not at all. Sqlite db is just a flat file that is OS independent as such can be copied between different OSes. So, always use the one that you have on your test node, regardless of what OS it is running in case you need to regenerate your bc db…

Although, the bc db is just a history, and we all should have exact same data in it (except of few latest blocks that could be still settling down). As such, syncing that db doesn’t really offer much (unless db is corrupted, and chia refuses to work with it - what happens usually when chia is being shut down - that part is not clean, but better with v1.3).

On the other hand, all your personal stuff is either in the wallet db or in the config.yaml. If you kill your config.yaml, it will be restored, based on what your node filters out of the bc db into wallet db. So, this is the reason that killing the wallet db, and resyncing it sometimes (a lot of times) fixes problems, as it looks like the wallet code may have some issues.

What it also means that if you have two nodes, you may try to restrict one of those to not reach out to the network, but only contact your ‘primary’ node. This avoids potential port 8444 issues. Although, I am not sure how good the syncing code is, so in case the primary node screws up the db, whether potentially corrupted data will be propagated (should rather not, but …).

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Well, now I am syncing on my Linux machine “to get” v_1 version and farming at the same time on my Windows machine. Hope they dont interfer with each other :smiley:

Hmm, I wasnt aware of soft fork. Well, that channges a lot :smiley:

Hello guys, my dry spell is finaly over :grinning: Found today a block and received my 2 chia. Version 1.3.5 works!


Why are you still playing with v1?

No, I am usung v2, i think I was missunderstood.

Well, now I am syncing on my Linux machine “to get” v_1 version and farming at the same time on my Windows machine

My plan was to go back to 1.2.11 because of the dry spell. But then I red about that the version 1.2.11 expiring. So I went back to 1.3.5.

I wonder whether something was broken and you shifting things around during version changes and syncing fixed it. Of course we will never know for sure. But let us know whether things seems on track over the next couple months. Would be interesting to see if things are back to normal after what you did.

Hope they are. Good luck.

I will keep you in the loop. I hope this was just bad luck.

There are few more of us still in the dry spell, but it is really great to see you not being one of those anymore! I am monitoring a couple of pools and see that they also have 7x or so dry spells from time to time, although that is not that visible, as the time scales for those are really short. However, I think that you broke the record with something around 10x or so.

Based on what you did, I will regenerate config.yaml from scratch on my next restart. You have also resync both your bc and wallet dbs, but I think that doesn’t matter (unless something is transferred to config.yaml during those resets, so maybe wallet db resync is in place, as it is fast now). Most likely, I will be also looking into v1.3.6 update.

The point (at least for me) is that basically dry spells can be really arbitrarily long; however, there is nothing coming from Chia that would help in making sure that some weird line in config.yaml is missing (and having them not add new items to config.yaml is just retarded), or some other not that obvious thing for that matter.

Again, a good example of a similar problem was with that v1.2.3 or so release that somehow screwed plenty of big farms (my farm was just too small to be counted). It was estimated at that time that around 80-100 PB worth of farms were in really long dry spells that only the next release somehow quietly fixed (everyone got back to normal after updating, and there was no comment from Chia).

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Unfortunately, you will never know. If it goes back to a steady win rate, you will not know if that period was bad luck or you accidentally fixed something broken. All you can really hope for is that you start to win regularly. The only way to have know for sure that it was bad luck would have been to do nothing and wait. But I wouldn’t have either.

My opinion? I don’t think it was bad luck. That is a really long time. The odds of not winning for that long (that extreme of an ETW multiplier) would be very rare. Not impossible, but very rare.

Last block May 27th for me was :sneezing_face: :sneezing_face: :sneezing_face: