No win after chia 1.3.3 - 1.3.5

My winning estimation is 22 days and 46 days passed without any block win. This comes parallel with the installing of 1.3.3 and so on. Is it a bad luck or do we have to be suspicious about chia software?
Thanks God that Space pool pays me 2 chia for a month!!!
And if I win, I get 0.25 more​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

See Is my farm broken or am I just bad luck?

I could say something similar , I’ve got my first chia drop (since 1.3.5) after a long time way overdue the estimation for my farm.

Unfortunately my two farms are also having a dry spell.

10 days estimated win time and im on day 39 and the other
27 days and on day 80.

The second machine has won a block just the once and both check out via farmr and other manual tests.

Just unlucky I guess but this bad luck predates 1.3.*. Delighted that pooling exists!

Same here. I have an ETTW of 42 days but it’s been 162 since the last win. I really hope I have a lucky stream soon :slight_smile: !!!

Same here, winning estimation is 13 days and no blocks. This comes parallel with the installing of 1.3.X :smiley: Last block found 83 days ago. But 83 days ago I had much less plotts and bigger net space :D:D:D

Just remember, the other half of people that are winning regularly or even above average are not out looking for answers on forum threads like this (or just to bitch … sorry). So you will always find a lopsided view or feeling in threads like this. Misery loves company and all…

With that pointed out, I am on the latest (1.3.5) and won last Thursday. I currently have a 9 day ETW and that win was at 13 days. But the win before that was at 4 days. On average, my win rate is on pace for the year.

If anyone is looking for actual advice, make sure you are running some sort of monitor. Like Chiadog or Farmr. Just relying on manual checks of logs is not enough. Yes, the GUI should be more informative. It is getting better and better so maybe it will include more helpful health information in the future. But for now it is up to you.

Good luck. Happy farming!

I see one excellent ‘big picture guidepost’ that shows if you are winning as you should (and regularly) is the ‘Total Balance’ graph. If it is linear, that is, of a constant slope (such as below) then you are likely doing ok, relatively speaking. If it is erratic, wandering around over time, then that is a macro indication you farm is not behaving correctly.

However, it also could be too gradual, but linear slope, and so showing you are winning, but not enough. In other words, your farm is not getting its ‘fair share’. This could indicate a systemic farm problem as well. Regardless, it’s one more arrow in the quiver helping determine what is happening on the farm.

Another point, as can be see here, is that over time, as I accumulated more plots, the ‘time between wins’ can be seen decreasing, as it should (those little bumps in the graph).

What I think sucks about that graph is that there is no indication of what timeframe you are looking at. Overall or at any point on the graph.

I think it fairly clear, not to anyone, but to the owner of it. It starts at ‘0’ when the first XCH was won, and ends now. The owner of the node must know that, I would imagine. It’s the slope and small fluctuations that’s important.

But honestly how do you know that? For all you know that graph could be for the last 24 hours. Saying it starts at 0 and goes to now is a total assumption. You may be right but there is no way to tell. There should at least be info when you hover or something.

It doesn’t start at 0 in my UI (v1.3.5). It is more like the last month or so. Any chart is really worthless if there is no x scale, no y values. It just looks like one dev added it there to make the UI “pretty” but rather useless from end user point of view. Also, when that chart was originally created, the wallet db was rather big, so maybe they wanted to avoid UI slowdown (well, you put such task into the background and update UI when done), but there is no reason to show the full chart right now as extracting that data via RPC (what is currently done) takes just milliseconds.

On the other hand, you can extract your incoming XCH from your wallet (RPC) and dump it to a CSV formatted file (to produce such chart in Excel, or something that can plot it).

By the way, it is really mind boggling why there is no CSV download option in that Wallet / Transactions table. Did whoever implemented / approved it thought that the end users will be writing down those values by paging that table? As it is right now, it just looks like another debugging output with little value to end users.

It seems like the person running the devs is from the gaming industry. Just put the product out. We’ll fix it later. We’ll add features as we get to them.

The GUI is getting better and better. So maybe this is just what we get for being early adopters.

I’m having the same faith here.
I posted Is my farm broken or am I just bad luck? - Chia Farming & Harvesting - Chia Forum

my ETW is 2 days now but I have not got a drop for 22 days now.

They said the statistic of ETW x 5-6 is not too bad but anything over is concerning… :thinking:

I was wondering the same thing. I’m solo farming with 1820 plots since October 2021. ETW has been “one month” for a long time. I had pretty stable winnings: November 11th 2021, then December 22nd, then January 12, March 13 and, surprisingly enough, again 5 days later on March 18th.
Since then: nothing zero nada

I have a rock-solid internet connection (only downtime was 2 weeks ago for 5 hours due to planned maintenance at my ISP) and I watch over my farm like a hawk. I use ChiaDog and ChiaHarvestGraph and my farming has been consistently stable and healthy. I’ve got good hardware which has worked like a charm (and still does).

So yeah, a dry spell here too which I cannot explain.
I upgraded from the latest 1.2.x to 1.3.5 about 2 weeks ago but the version should not matter at all (I asked in another post).
Netspace has only gone down steadily since end of last year so I have no idea what is happening.

I was about to jump on the “is chia broken?” bandwagon when I saw this post. Could not resist sharing my own situation.


To add to the picture. Last win 1. April. Since then nothing. Average time projected to win is 17days.

Not worried yet but we should all post updates here so other can get peace of mind once it hits. I highly doubt that the new version would have such a serious bug BUT HEY things happen. For now stay calm and keep farming

Have to say love the new GUI. Superior to the old one just doesent feel as snappy as the old one for some reason. Maybe it’s subjective but it’s still an electron app. Who knows maybe one day when rust has invaded chia we will get a nice guy that ain’t running on web stack or maybe running with the power of asm. But luxury problems.

As to the ‘Total Balance’ graph, was bugging me.

From the GUI >"This is the total amount of XCH in the blockchain at the current peak sunblock that is controlled by your private keys."

From Keybase > “I think it’s a wallet balance history xch on vertical, block height or something similar on horizontal?” (not definitive)

I tried finding the code for it, but wasn’t successful. But from the above taken together, potentially your address’ cumulative XCH on the Y-Axis, Blockchain height received on the X-Axis.

Regardless, as a useful graph, it isn’t … :-1:

But it’s sooooo pretty!

Just an update still dry. 23 days since last win and ETW is 2 days :rofl:

So just want to check, if plots are passing through filters, response time is <5 max under 30s.
unit is sync. it would mean the farm is working right ?

I guess what I want to ask is, is there other hidden that that could affect the farm functionality.