Now 17 "June", when pools?

Now 17 “June”, when pools?
Let’s get real, right?
17 May, came and went, the end of the month (of May), came and went. On 31 May came the word “soon”, maybe slipping away too?

Doubt the delay is deliberate to be fair. Better they take their time and fully test the functionality than release some half baked croc of poo.

Patience is virtue etc etc… mainly etc :wink:


The Chia team messed up with the May deadline and explicitly said no more deadline… we’ll go mainnet in 3 stages.

In the last Chia Zoom call around fast plotters and their implications, they mentioned they realized they had to build in some additional functionality so that other blockchains that do PoST that do not have ChiaLisp can still do proper pooling (without the pool puzzle, aka pool NFT)

You can check out the pool channel in Keybase, progress is being made… waiting is hard :slight_smile: almost there.

Pools are out there. Give them a try if you want. Sticking with Solo here.

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Fair to comfort with patient soothing. But I wouldn’t say “Pools are out there”. There are so many unanswered questions in the new pool protocol …

Yes, pools are out there. I’m in one. Some people “don’t trust them”, but at this point I’m making small, consistent amounts of XCH, compared to sitting with a big fat goose egg in my wallet. It’s okay to be weary, and take precautions, but saying they aren’t there isn’t the proper precaution.

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I honestly don’t understand why would anyone would want to replot 24 Exabytes worth of plots? I think all it takes is just a better and more trusted version of HPool or Core-Pool and just keep on building on top of it. Unless I’m not understanding some specific benefits that Pool Plots would bring besides having portable pool plots? Which, theoretically we already own as solo plots?


Whatever “singleton” is, make it for sure that plots can’t be doubled farmed. Other than that, I don’t see much of an advantage. If core pool, or hpool can get it locked down and guarantee no double farming, they should bee in good shape.

We’re aiming to be done our pool by the end of the month. Now who knows if pool plots will be done by then but we expect them to be done around then too. If not maybe we need to make flexplots.

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There are two main differences between the current unofficial pools and the ones built on the upcoming protocol that any of us would care about. And yes, to me they are big enough to replot.

With the official pools you get:

  • .25 XCH directly to your wallet when it is one of your plots that earns the block. Then the other 1.75 XCH goes to the pool to be distributed. And you get your piece of that distribution. None of the unofficial pools give you the .25 XCH bonus.
  • No cheaters. The protocol ensures that nobody can fake their size in the pool. This makes sure you get your fair return. Without the protocol, this isn’t possible. That piece is just missing and the unofficial pools are struggling to get a handle on it. No matter what they do, without the Chia protocol giving them the information they need to eliminate the cheating, they will just be chasing it. Never resolving it.
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Pool operators have the incentive to lock down the double farming because that’s against their own interests. That’s less a worry comparing to fake plots, which eat free lunch from everyone in the pool.

Singleton is a smart contract signed by the farmer with a pool, which should effectively eliminate the double farming. Still, I’d like to see how the new protocol eliminates fake plots.

Any idea about the setting of “farmer’s difficulty” in the new pool’s protocol?

Some pools may have fixed some may have variable and each will have a different formula for that variable or use the default.

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Regarding the incoming official pool protocol, how do I know an official pool to join when Chia release the new protocol? I am a little lost as see many operators are saying they will be ready for the new protocol, but how will we know they are using the official protocol? Which pool operator will be best to use?


You join an official pool in the Chia software. Any pool that requires their own software is not an official pool.

Thanks. Now the question would be how to choose the “best” one? Which factors we have to follow or have in mind before choosing a pool in the list?

Regarding the incoming official pool protocol, how do I know an official pool to join when Chia release the new protocol?

This is a list of, from what they know, officially sanctioned pools. You must research so you don’t get cheated out of XCH in fees. Some pools are doing something like not charging fees on your time as a pool member till AFTER you start winning (or after you win a certain amount). Other pools are doing 2+ weeks free then charging everyone a blanket fee. Others are doing one of the above but the fee is tiered based upon how many plots or how much you are winning. Just research and find a pool that sounds good to you. I think I know which pools I will consider joining but I never know if it is a good choice till I join.

That, you won’t know unless they have a history on another crypto. Again, research is key here.

I’m hoping there is no “best one”. The ideal situation is when there are a lot of good options. Keeping the coin as decentralized as possible. The only answer to your question is to shop around. Find one with good fees and fits what you are after. I’m sure there will be one that is much larger than the rest. But it will take time to see which one that is.

That is part of the question people are asking. If there are multiple “best choices” and not one Pool is stand out as best or worst, then which one is the one to recommend? I hate it when people want their decision(s) influenced.

Also you can create multiple pool NFT’s and plot some with NFT 1, and some other plots with NFT 2 and that way assign your plots to multiple pools via the multiple NFTs.

Still no double farming etc. but will allow you to utilize multiple pools to see which one is best.

Then assign NFT 1 & NFT 2 to the same pool once you made a choice… or even to yourself for solo farming