Official Chia compressed plots

Hi, was curious to know if there’s any ETA on being able to create compressed plots natively in the official Chia app. Aside from the fees, my preference would be to not rely on proprietary software in case the projects gets abandoned.



MadMax has been in from the start. Most of the best plotters have been developed by MadMax. This is from the very beginning to now…

If MadMax leaves, there are bigger issues with Chia…

My personal opinion is you have nothing to worry about going the MadMax route…


Same feeling here, 3rd party solutions are groovy (and I use them!), but there is something to be said about the core product and features. Can we still use those old K32 non-NFT plots from 2021? Heck yeah we can :sunglasses:. I look forward to the day this jumps out of beta and is included as well.


A real release version, end of june at the earliest is my guess based on how the alpha’s are going.

That said, you can already plot(GPU) and farm(CPU) in the development versions if you want


Windows or just linux, the last windows plots failed plot check is there another version?

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No ETA yet for the official implementation, the work is ongoing. I believe it’ll be ready in the coming months. Best thing to do (if you have access to GPU and RAM) is to replot a first time with the BB alpha plotter in a low compression level (instant boost) and replot later for a very high C level when the GPU farming is available.

Keep in mind, C levels for BB are two levels lower than for MM : MM C9 is BB C11.

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Win11 or linux for plotting, but linux is much faster for plotting atm.

Farming works on win10 as well

There is work happening from what I heard as beta tester. But yes, frustrating to hear about official bladibit gpu plotter (less that 128gb ram) months ago and still waiting

Most of the network runs on uncompressed plots. I’m not in a hurry to upgrade to higher C levels. Delays in development are to be expected: I don’t know of any software projects that’s always been on time.

But alpha3 still makes bad plots in windows.

for plotting with windows 10, yes bad plots. But win11 plotting works - all be it slower than linux

farming is not done with bladebit plotter though, but with the chia client which works with win10 as well.

My plots are made with Ubuntu, and my farmer is running on win10 with this Chia version:

I wonder if there will be an utility which can GPU compress existing plots. That will save replotting/SSD wear for those without 128/256GB of RAM…

Not gonna happen. It would be more work/take longer to do anything to existing plots than just make new ‘compressed’ ones. And nice SSDs are cheaper than ever.

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So somebody has to be looking at that. And the name plotter should tell people just that (Plotter).

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That’s hot!

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