Please check your logs for "ERROR Could not find authentication sk for pk"

Very kind of you, but to be honest I’m fairly new here, few months, but am a long time crypto enthusiast, there are alot here with far greater knowledge than I, but I try to help where I think I can.

As for the software, yes, it needs improvements, but the best tests are always in the wild.
Sure they could have held out on the release but it is what it is.

Yes. I should have said, “After that I should have always plotted to the first and only NFT.”

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Not really, we are all learning, and not having help from the software to protect us from some “beginner” mistakes is the biggest issue for me. As that dev guy said, the max for those wallets should be 20, so why they let you get over 50, without screaming in those logs.

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I re-installed my backed up config.yaml which did still have the Pool_List. I now have farmr saying I am farming again though with many errors and 300 or 335 plots being farmed depending on whether you believe farmr or Chia. Anywaze, one or two of my drives (35 plots per drive) are not being farmed as the plots are not found by the Chia GUI after I add the last two drives to the GUI. I may be farming and I have probably lost contact with 70 plots but I’m not out of the game, lol!

One step forward, two steps back …

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I only want K33s which are not supported by madmax.

You’re right, the wallet shouldn’t have even allowed it.

But look at btc, unless it’s changed, certainly used to be the case.
The wallets could hold 100 sets of keys, and if you still had coins on add 1, then created add 101 the very first one could get dropped leaving you without access to your btc.
The wallet never came with a warning, ppl learnt from trial and error just as we are.

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BTC was started as more or less volunteer based project, where Chia Net is sitting on that $60m investment, that would be one difference. The second is that you learn as you go, and I would apply that to Chia Net as well, i.e., learn that if your main UI are those engineering logs, your ecosystem hurts.

Currently, thanks to people like us, the real Chia Network worth is not really in those $70m investment money, but rather in the premine that they are sitting on. They can use bits of that to hire more people. Their HQ is here, in SF, so there is really no reason not to hire few extra guys that would be rather happy to work for them, and help us at the same time.

This is my big peeve. The complete lack of GUI guidance or any indication that I was using the wrong procedure really pisses me off. The inability to separate these wallets from the Chia GUI just makes it worse. I am far from computer illiterate and was completely blindsided by this.

Obviously, most peeps figured it out correctly, but the lack of guidance or instruction in the GUI has led many more than just I to make this error. I am now going to spend a lot of tomorrow answering the same question I found asked by many others while searching for my solution.

I’m really pissed at myself and at Chia.

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No need to be. You did what was the best based on your knowledge, and what the UI let you do.

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I really cannot comprehend, why that UI doesn’t have “The Issues” section, that would at least repeat in red all the errors that are in the log (a standard tail for the last 10-20 errors). At least, that would make more people ask some questions, as I bet not that many those smaller farmers are checking their logs.

To be honest I’m not sure what they can and can’t do with those coins.
I believe thet are to be used to get businesses on board without affecting the price negatively so as to hurt farmers.

My last message at keybase:

I re-installed my backed up config.yaml and Chia now finds 300 of my 370 plots. It seems to not recognize two directories with 35 K33s each anymore. farmr says I am farming and harvesting again and shows 335 plots. It also says I am having constant harvester errors.
Unless I can find a way to disassociate these incorrectly created wallets from my key and from the Chia GUI my only option is to is to format the machine, delete all my plots, and start again with a new key. I cannot even keep the OGs because I would have to enter my current key again to farm them and then I would have all the extra wallets back.

I am extremely unhappy. Months of work down the tubes due to a lousy GUI duplication of NFT creation in the interface (which you have now fixed) and no proper instruction or links or manual in the GUI. If the Chia GUI limit is 20 wallets why did it merrily let me go on creating over 50 NFTs with no warning?
The Chia GUI still indicates that all is well except for the plots it can no longer find. If I had not had farmr running and/or checked the logs I would not even have known there was a problem.
Now I have 52 extra wallets that make my GUI dysfunctional, I can no longer access 35 or 70 K33s at all and farmr says I am failing many harvester attempts.
Basically a complete fail.
I invested $5,000 CAD in my chia farm. So as not to be a total waste I guess I will have to format my entire Chia PC and all of the plot drives and start from scratch plotting again.
I don’t think I will be endorsing Chia much anymore … thanks for the huge headache.


It is a private company; however, with professional investors (e.g., Andreessen Horowitz). Those investors for sure control how the investment money is being used (sitting on the board). However, as they came late (Series D), they may have not that much to say.

On the other hand, premine is what the company controls, and was used to present as a proof of concept to get those investors. It is a double edged sword. On one hand, it is a shit-load of money on paper. On the other hand, if used badly, it is a company killer.

Therefore, assuming that those investors have some say how to use that premine money, no one would object to have it used to hire 2-5 extra software guys just to strengthen the ecosystem, as that would be jut rounding errors for that premine. Those investors are mainly concerned with how stock is being issued.

Otherwise, it is just a a software that smells/looks like done in Elbonia.

I guess, venting to a support person that has the main goal to brush you off is like throwing pearls before swine.

If you really are ready to push it, that Andreessen Horowitz fund is the place to go. They do have some (a lot) say to what Chia Net can / has to do. If you need more signatures, I count me in.

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I am going to pursue this. Chia has wasted an immense amount of my time and more money than I would choose to throw away.

I will check out the Andreessen Horowitz fund tomorrow and will get back to you on signatures.

Any other suggestions?

Anywaze I’m not sure how easily I will get to sleep with this lump in my gut but it is time to try.

Many thanks to both of you for the support!

Be well.

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Hay, it just happened, and nothing can reverse it. So, just quickly get over it, and get some good sleep.

As far as that A-H fund, they will not speak to you/us. However, they have just one goal only - to not let Chia Net go belly up due to potentially easily correctable moves (e.g., hire a couple more software guys). There was already a precedence with a company that was also offering similar proof of space, and they went down. That is the biggest threat for A-H, that it will be repeated. Again, any investor knows that nine out of ten investments fold, so they will do more or less everything to keep at least some of them afloat.

Looking at the number of plots, most belong to potentially just a handful of farmers. On the other hand, looking at the number of people that are involved (i.e., promote, improve, …, value the ecosystem) those are potentially less than 100TB farmers. A-H, cannot afford to lose those small farmers.

I don’t think that there is any other option than A-H. I am not even sure whether that will work, but IMO, it is worth to try. The problem to vent to Chia net, at least for me, is that what they do is the company culture, and as the old saying has it - the fish stinks from the head. So, those people that we interact with are just gofers, but selected/endorsed by those that decide what company does.

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Any reason for that?

I assume that you want them, so they will last longer, but my take is that we will need to replot well before that “longer” kicks in. The fact that there are no tools to for instance convert an OG plot to an NFT one (and vice versa) speaks volumes to me - basically no vision, just reactions.

MadMax will plot 2-3x faster (i.e., 2-3x less kW needed) on the hardware you already have. There is also no need to futz with parallel plotting (if on a single CPU) - just one click and forget.

All the Chia Net software is really bad. It is just promises, promises, promises, but bugs are all over the place. MadMax, bladeBit, all kind of plotting managers, are beating their highly skilled software team hands down, and some of those projects are just one dedicated person with a clear understanding what he/she wants to accomplish. The fact that they didn’t hire some of those guys is another perplexing thing for me. Again, they are sitting on a shitload of money, so that is not an issue.

They decided to run the company top heavy, and that is not that good sign when the company is just getting off the ground, and first that it needs are wheels.

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Sorry for all my rants, but I am also really pissed every time that I need to interact with that software. I also had my back and forth issues with another gofer on the Issues github.

The last rant, promise :wink: They look to me, like a company that still clings to COBOL.

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Sleep was a fail and I wanted a shower so I’m back, lol!

Had further chat at keybase during which I got a suggestion that would require a second machine to implement and ignored my 54 wallet problem. It had also been stated that this error was probably not causing harvester failure. I replied:

"If I use my present key at all then I will still have 53 pool wallets. These extra wallets are making my GUI wonky as heck. It takes forever to add a plot folder, has to be re-started after every folder add before it will show the plots, and eventually stops finding plots in added plot directories at all.

I believe every pk sk error indicates a failure to farm/harvest on that attempt. Most of my log is now pk sk errors. My response times are excellent, but for the most part, I believe I am actually barely farming as even if I pass a filter I have no chance to claim the reward as the plot key handshake did not complete correctly.

I do not need to format my machine, but I do need to start with a new key and cannot use ANY of the plots I have created up until now. I will have to delete all of my plots as they are now attached to a key that cannot be made functional again.

I will still probably format the machine as I have found in the past that old key entries remain as a ghosts and can be used (by mistake) even after deleting the two main Chia folders, re-booting. re-installing and starting a new key. While testing on my first regular PC I entered a few different keys and found it logging on to the wrong key. When I built my plotting machine I entered a new key and made sure never to enter a second.

I would know immediately if the wrong (ghost) key had loaded on my soon to be rebuilt plotter and could manually enter the correct mnemonic to get my plots online again, but I am afraid of what the effect of having 54 wallets again might have on the GUI, even if briefly. If I format I am sure of no ghosts.

Formatting. rebuilding Windows 10 and installing Chia only takes me a morning. It is the re-plotting that will take months.

I have lost confidence in the Chia GUI and will probably use madmax or another to create my plots again."

what did this error bring you? is the income decreased? I’m having the same for my nft plots and they are still earning from the pool