Please check your logs for "ERROR Could not find authentication sk for pk"

Well, I am also still up :slight_smile: I wrote earlier how I would do it, but couldn’t post it, as there is 3 posts in the row limit. Thank to your post, I can push the old text.

So, here you go:

What I would do is to set up a new full node on another box. Also, read/write network share your folders with all those plots, plus create new ones (parallel to the old ones) that the old node will not monitor (as destination folders for the new node). Then run a plotter that is based on that new full node / wallet, and when ready to move the newly generated plot to the final destination, delete one old plot (from a parallel folder, to make room for the new one). This way, you will still have your original farmer sitting on all those old plots, and the new farmer slowly reclaiming the space for those new plots. (I did something like that to replace my OG plots using MM.) If you would like to do it on a Windows box, and use Chia plotter (to get those K33 plots), I would look into PSChiaPlotter, as it has replotting option built in, plus can manage your parallel plotting (excellent software written by one person).

If you use MadMax, you can have your plotter on any machine you want. If you would like to use Chia plotter, the best option would be to move your old full node to some wimpy box (as it will be just farming/harvesting (but over the network), and install a new full node on that original box, and run that PSChiaPlotter on it. Actually, depending how much horse power your main box has, you may install a VM and move your old node there. This way, you will reduce network delays, as you can just use shared folders.

The only thing that I am not sure whether it would work is the fact that you will have two full nodes on your network. I mean, some people fix the router port to their farmers, and you cannot fix it to two farmers. If you just run without that modification, your farmer will PnP talk with your router, and potentially you will see some collisions (when both farmers want to get that connection at the same time). I don’t really know how that part works (i.e., farmer PnP asking router for a connection - I mean, I know PnP (wrote code for that before), but do not know how they implemented it, and smells like it is no good).

I have no idea if I have lost rewards as I am self pooling. If the pk sk error indicates a harvester failure (which I and farmr believe it does) then I have definitely lost many thousands of chances for rewards.

If you are self pooling as @Aspy68 does, your only rewards are when you win a block. You are a member of a third party pool, so you all share what those lucky guys won.

Good ideas but my GUI has now become so wonky with its 54 wallets that it cannot find all of my plots. The wallets are attached to my key and cannot be deleted or severed. I think I am barely farming with most of my chances passing the filter but then failing the pk sk handshake. My Chia farm is completely blighted.
At this point I think my best bet is to bite the bullet and start clean. I’ll use an aftermarket plotter and hopefully re-plot much more quickly the second time round.

Do you know of any plotters that will plot K33s for me? If not, I’ll probably settle for K32s and go with madmax.

You don’t want to do it. You go to Control Panel / Programs / Uninstall a program (assuming you are on Windows), and uninstall it from there. Then you may want to go to Control Panel / User Account / Manage Windows Credentials, and check if Chia is removed from there. I think that they improved that uninstall part recently, or at least it worked perfectly for me about two weeks ago.

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To be sure of no ghosts I will format my plotter tomorrow morning, re-install windoze 10 and have Chia starting a new sync by afternoon. Deleting all my plots will be the heart breaking part.

I will have a phoenix Chia risen by tomorrow. It will probably take me a few days to install and figure out madmax though, lol! :crazy_face:

Does madmax need a linux box?

Not really. I mean, I see no advantage of having bigger plot files, and I find that MadMax is really superior to the Chia plotter (again, one software engineer that beat shit out of the Chia pro dev team - (same with bladeBit, but that solution is rather for whales)), while not that demanding as bladeBit.

As I mentioned in another thread, I put together a sub $1k plotter that has combined 20 mins plots (two MM plotters running in parallel on two 2012 Xeon processors, each taking 40 mins to do one plot). Although, that box needs to be Linux, as Win 10 (at least Pro) sucks when it sees the second CPU.

I’ll go with madmax and K32s but am not spending another penny on hardware.

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I am with you there :slight_smile:

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Then take a look at that PSChiaPlotter. It was originally designed to work with the Chia plotter, but later it was augmented to support MadMax. The owner is super nice, and really helpful. I really don’t understand why Chia Net is not at least partially sponsoring those guys, as what they do is really help us all out, and improving the Chia ecosystem.

It will help you to slowly replot your old stuff. Maybe you can identify the newest plots, and start replacing them first. This way, you will potentially slowly eliminate those most contentious folders/plots, while letting your old farmer at least to do some working, while you are replotting.

Will do.

Now that I have cooled down with my shower and have a plan I am truly ready for sleep.

Thanks again for all the help and looking forward to chatting again soon.

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technically, if I got reward from the partials submitted to the pool u would get the self pooling reward submitted to the network. isnt it?

Correct me if I’m wrong but the regular madmax now has option to set K size, so it looks like k33 also supported, although I didn;t try myself

You said earlier that you are self pooling. Can you change to flexpool and use their no harvester, no wallet, worker instead?

I would guess that if you have that error your partials to the pool with that error are probably useless, but the pool didn’t check properly.
Please try and fix your issue rather than creating more bad plots potentially harming your fellow poolers.

Are you plotting to a nft? If so, did you do it incorrectly also?

Nope, I’m totally screwed.

I created NFT plots the same way I had created OGs before and ended up creating a new NFT, wallet and a new self pool every time I parallel plotted. The result is that I have 53 self pools, each with it’s own pool wallet. There is no way I can pool.


Anywaze, now I get to learn Madmax, lolz!

but you can change each of these NFTs to point to flexpool. Isn’t that the point of the NFT - that you can change it to point where you want?

If the pool would accept my 53 pool wallets then I could join but the system is not designed for over 20 wallets and my GUI no longer works correctly. Even in a pool your system has to check the plots and my system has so many wallets that it fails trying to do so.
It can no longer correctly rebuild it’s config.yaml either. I’m limping on a config backup right now. If I force it to create a new config.yaml entire headings are missing and I am no longer farming at all.
The wallets cannot be deleted or severed from my key. I cannot continue to use any plots associated with this key or I will immediately have 54 wallets again.
I’ll start from scratch with a new key. I considered throwing my rig off the balcony, but I might hurt someone …

I just looked at the madmax info. There is a K setting but if you look closely it says K<=32. Reserved for future usage maybe, lol!?

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The K control in madMAx is presently useful for testing and for forks that either allow or require plot sizes below K32.

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