Pool payout vs Farmr.net estimated payout

So I have replaced my own farmer dashboard with farmr.net and Im using xchpool and what I’m getting from xchpool is always lower unless their own luck meter says “very lucky” then I’m just passing it, when its average then Im roughly 10% lower. I guess it should be a bit lower because I pay a fee (0.75%) and I sometimes miss a challenge or I reboot a harvester etc, but at the same time Im still adding plots 30-40 plots a day which should mitigate some of the above.

I’m not saying xchpool is cheating because I only have 2 weeks of data and that can be skewed also it might very well be that farmr is wrong or that I’m underestimating how much down time I have had. But I’m curious to know others experience of pool payout vs farmr estmate and not just for xchpool users.

Starting to suspect that the current dust storm is causing xchpool to not submit partials in time. According to my logs I have no real issue with sync och challenge times. How is it looking other pools?

What percentage of stales you have?

May just be luck. It happens. We were behind other pools for a few weeks last month and finally caught up this month.

I can only see last 24h and xchpool failed 15% of the partials, but farmr.net sais the following about plots passing the filter

sec plots %
20-25 4 0,01%
15-20 15 0,03%
10-15 211 0,48%
5-10 1585 3,64%
1-5 16311 37,49%
0,5-1 857 1,97%
0,25-0,5 1417 3,26%
0-0,25 23107 53,11%

so its all xchpools fault I would say, why pay a fee if they cant handle to run a proper service, or am I wrong?

Well just got it confirmed and seams like XCHpool failed extra hard during this and previous dust storm. Guess its time to switch to Flex or Space

Updated Stats in image!@thespacepool staying strong with the 💯
Huge improvements from last storm out of @TruePool_io and @xchpool.

Appreciate all the hard work the pools do to weather the storm! pic.twitter.com/eo0xL36jAQ

— XCHcentral 🌱 (@XCHcentral) December 21, 2021

They’re ahead in the pool profit comparison I believe? Not that I’m against you switching to us.

Are you referring to the fact that space did slightly better than you or that I’m wrong about xchpools performance?

Hi, Avve

I guess farmr, just like other online chia calculators calculate the profit based on the full block reward, while NFT pools have nothing to do with the 0.25XCH (so 12.5%) farmer reward …

so if you’re at -10% the pool actually pays out very good! … (12.5% + 0.75%) - 10% = 3.25% better pay out than expected. Also take a look at XCHcentral.com where they measure pools by actually farming in them with the exact same amount of plots … xchpool is always in the top there… (I btw must say you’re quite nicely catching up @Chris22 last few weeks you guys were on the bottom and now ahead :slight_smile:

Well yes our fullnodes had severe problems during the last storm, but we took the storm to harden them for the nenxt one :slight_smile:

That said accepting partials or not, does’t matter ANYthing for the pool’s number of block wins, because in the NFT pooling protocol the farmers farm the blocks. and as all our members had the same issue where they couldn’t deliver 10% of their partials, the average pool share on average was still the same for each member… so on average it actually doesn’t matter anything for anyone’s pay outs that we lost some partials from you guys during the storm.

Of course, if you compare your pool to other pools in the storm there will be a difference.
So it may be true all your poolers suffered equally, but there are more considerations to decide which pool to join than that alone.

That said, I’ve not used your pool, but thanks for it, the more the merrier.

fact is that there isn’t a ‘difference’ :slight_smile:

so again…

fact A: block wins are unrelated to the pool … even if the whole pool was down, there would still be blocks won… the farmers still farm the blocks (only thing the pool has to do is keep claiming them) … … 100% partials , 90% partials, 50% partials accepted or not, is completely irrelevant here

fact B: we still paid all farmers equally according to their shares in the pool. shares were mainly unaffected, except for farmers that had issues staying in sync theirselves (that would be in every pool)

so… the payouts for the users (that were able to keep their own nodes in sync) remained the same no matter if we accepted 100% or 90% partials

of course :slight_smile:

Well I didn’t lose 10% of partials at space, so how is that no different to your pool, where you all suffered 10% loss?

OK read your statement about partial submissions and it makes sense

But, not all pools had ppl struggling to stay in sync, and certainly not 10% that you claim was standard for your poolers.

Thanks! Hard to catchup to your giant lead though.

I feel your pain. I have been unhappy with every pool I have tried. I have just shy of 1p online, and I get blocks frequently. Looking at the pool I am currently in, I have farmed 11 blocks, and only earned 13 chia. Even with the .25 reward I am only at around 16 total chia and had I been solo I would have 22. I am thinking about going back to solo farming.

yeah it’s clear that you have a big farm so it is better to switch solo

actually, again, if we try to think logically that doesn’t matter, like it’s just a more fancy-looking percentage. I think @Avve’s payouts will even out eventually, but will see. I don’t use any of those pools and for me everything seems fine, so it’s just interesting what will happen

How does ppl not connecting to pool ( I assume if they’re not connecting, they’re not in sync so can’t get a block reward ) , not affect block rewards?

It clearly does.

if a farmer have some problems with connection (on his side), then it clearly affects payouts.

but, again, as xchpool mentioned, as a whole pool was down, there would still be blocks won and farmers would be paid equally according to their shares, so it’s kk.

Yes, but 10% less than a capable pool!
Or whatever fraction , but from all said, I’m assuming 10 %.

My nodes on an 8350, so old, with ddr 3.
I respond a little late, but nothing to affect rewards.