Pooling and confused

I just upgraded to 1.2.2 from 1.7.1 GUI plotting and I’m feeling lost. I managed to create a couple pool plots ( by accident I guess ) clicking on the Pool tab. Now I see those couple plots I created under that pool tab. This is where my confusion starts.

If I have OG plots and self pool plots (on the same drives, on the same PC) do they get farmed together and with rewards going to one address, or are the self pool plots rewards going to a 2nd address somewhere I don’t see? IOW do I have two separate farming operations going on, or one? In either case, does my GUI farmer tab show all plots, solo, and self pooled … or only my old OG plots … with pooled plots only showing up under the pool screen?

Going in depth a bit more, the pool overview shows a ‘Launcher ID’. What is that and what does it do? The pool overview also has a “Claim Rewards” button. Why do I need to ‘claim’ my own self pool rewards? I.e., don’t they just come to me instantly because I’m self pooling?

It’s all quite confusing, is there some documentation that explains it all in (very) simple terms? Thanks.

Farm overview plot count is all plots: OG + OP
Not sure on the claim rewards thing, check out the pooling guide: Pooling User Guide · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

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Here is how I understand it.

When you create a plotnft it creates a new wallet. Payouts to those wallets go back to your original wallet. Its like the XCH gets redirected (or at least my SpacePool payouts do).

It that’s correct, then it doesn’t really matter which wallet receives XCH, it’ll all go to your OG wallet.

Ofc, if you’re part of a pool, the winnings will be divided up with other members of the pool. If you’re self-pooling, you may need to claim your winnings, I assume its just a mechanic of pooled earnings, its still part of a pool, it just happens to be your pool. OG plot wins go straight to your OG wallet obv.

I don’t think there really is much of a difference between OG plots and self-pooling. Its confusing because nft plots feel like an afterthought, its more like a self-managed pool of one farmer, you. But you still need to manage the pool.

As for how they get farmed, I assume your system checks for challenges and proofs as normal against all your plots, and if your plot wins, depending which plot won and which poolnft it belongs to determines how the payout is handled, to what wallet, to which pool etc etc.

I don’t use the Gui, but as far as I can tell, the CLI doesn’t differentiate between plots. It just lists all farmable plots you have made available for farming.

It is a little sketchy because I have to manage which plot belongs to which plotnft. I’m using separate directories atm, but I’m about to write a script to rename my plots and prepend the wallet ID to whatever plotnft they belong to.

As far as I know, its just an ID used to access the personal dashboard of whatever pool I’m a member of, spacepool, 21chia.

This is just how I understand it, someone correct me if I’m wrong or if I missed anything.


  • I keep typing poolnft, I mean plotnft.
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Your answers were very helpful and the github link as well. Thanks for that MontyBurns! I read that and it does answer several questions. Thankfully uChiaFarmer, you explain some concepts better than github :slight_smile: Between it all, maybe I’m getting the hang of it. I guess there’s nothing to be gained from OG plots going forward, self pooling or pooled plots are it from now on.

Seems chia project is a “learn-as-u-go” affair, and you need to work to get the info out from helpful people and scant documentation.

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Np. How it all works is as clear as mud. It gave me a headache trying to understand it the first time round.

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As far as I know, creating new OG plots is not the way to go. Unless you never plan on pooling. You can create the self pool plots but the issue becomes that the entire NFT needs to be linked to a pool when the time comes. If you create a pool NFT and are pooling, all the plots under that pool’s NFT are linked and cannot be separated. There is no way that I have found (after much research and asking) to pull individual plots away from an NFT and move it to another.

One suggestion I make to Chia pooling as a whole is that we need a way to manage individual pool plots not just the NFT as a whole.

They have a solution, its called re-plotting lol. :joy: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Good point. Seems reasonable that there should be a way to, say, highlight a disk’s (or dir) worth of plots and say, “Insert such-and-such nft” in them. Then you could join a pool with only those and do it again for another disk/dir, should you so want to join multiple pools.

If you are correct, one needs to decide what they will do in the future now. Not the best method for sure.

Perhaps, a solution could be assign multiple nfts to one pool? Not sure if that’s possible. Then I’d just make each disk on one nft, ready for pooling disk-at-a-time in the future.

If you want to have multiple nfts - that’s fine - just follow the best practice to commit no more than one nft to certain pool.

As for plots - it would be a good idea to have some kind of semantics for organizing them such that different nft plots (or OG plots for that matter) are not mixed in one directory

So, there’s no way to tell an OG plot from an nft plot, no tool, or any distinguishing factor? You just have to know what you plot and where you put it? Or to know how to see which nft is is a plot? Zowwie!

You would almost need to make sure you have a directory set up for your OG plots or a folder or something like that. Then do as I do and plot to a separate folder and or drive with the NFT name tied to it. If you are looking at 2 plots, you don’t have any way to know which is a pool plot and which is a OG plot.

This shouldn’t be a problem, havn’t tried it yet, the only issue is you’ll have to manage each nft separately, with a separate launcher ID for each plotnft, or alternatively replot to consolidate.

The only thing that shouldn’t be allowed is one plotnft on multiple pools, because that would be cheating. But seeing as each plotnft can only be assigned to one pool at a time, it isn’t an issue. Similarly each plot can only be assigned to one plotnft, I assume for the same reason, one plot can’t belong to multiple pools.

There is, an OG plot will have a pool public key, nft plots wont. However, as far as I can tell there is no way to differentiate one plot belonging to one plotnft, from another plot from a different plotnft, and no way of telling which plot belongs to which nft.

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This can get hard to look at if you have a really large drive full of plots and you didn’t separate your plots by pooling/NFT and OG via folders. There has to be a better way. If someone has 12/16/18 TB drives for example and or a really large RAID pool, then going the command by folder or path is useless if you didn’t already set up your plotting to folders.

Eureka! I know where/when I’ve been plotting to lately and using the ‘by 100’ view I found my couple nft files (out of ~1300)! Super cool. Now I can move them and start self-organizing!

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I set up my drives’ label by serial number and an indicator whether it contains og plots or pool plots.
Didn’t bother with multiple nfts though

I have moved the old plots to a new directory name “OG”. So its easy to separate the new plots from the old ones.

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Don’t worry, I believe @Chia.Switzerland is working on a script with all the bells and whistles to separate all your plots by category and plotnft. The script will make it all pretty and manageable. :wink:

I am confused that when chia launched v1.7, the latest is 1.2.2

Actually was 1.1.7 > 1.2.2. My bad. You can always check under “Help”, “Release Notes” on the GUI.

glad you liked my suggestion. Right now I am checking plots, dumping all into a text file, pasting into Excel and filtering the plots that don’t have a public key… super slow…