Pro-tip: Convert your laundry room into a server room

Lightning struck my brain the other day as I was (yet again) running out of power for my growing server farm. See this thread for the latest details on that.

But this thread is about something else: converting your laundry room into a server room! Benefits:

  • MORE POWER - if you have a 220v electric dryer hookup, you can get an adapter to go from that to most 220v server PDUs. Instead of a normal 20amp circuit at 110v (~2000 watts) you’ll have access to 30amps at 220v (~6500 watts!!) Your laundry room probably ALSO has a normal 110v circuit for the washing machine, so you’ll have both 110v and 220v!
  • ENCLOSED SPACE - use a portable air conditioner and hook the blower tube into your dryer vent tube to vent hot air to outside! Keep your server room at a nice temperature. This also keeps the noise to a minimum - you can’t hear all the server fan noise as easily behind a closed door!
  • SPOUSE APPROVED - here’s how you sell it to your significant other: never do laundry again. A portion of your crypto mining efforts will now be used to pay someone else to do your laundry. They pick it up and drop it off a few hours later! Sell your washer and dryer on Craig’s list and use that money to buy more hard drives! :slight_smile:

Is an ac unit ideal?
They’re not used in general in mining as the units produce more heat afaik.
Airflow would be a better option most likely but would probably get noisier.

Good question - I don’t know if it is “ideal” or not. I tried it without the AC unit at first and the temp in the room rapidly rose to ~85 F, even with some box fans blowing into the room. It probably would be fine, but the noise and the box fans in my hallway isn’t a long term solution lol. So it seems ideal to me at least! Others in more temperate climates or with different layouts might be fine with just normal air circulation.

One potential benefit this winter: I’m going to vent the hot air to the hallway through the door to save on heating bills. :rofl:

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Final directory: SSD (permanent)
Just keep changing HDD from SSD (final directory)

Have you considered converting your shed to a mining/farming room and venting the heat into your pool? :smiley: