RAMDisk on Windows - Is it worth it?

I have seen this discussed a bit in other topics but it is kind of in passing. I wanted to get a consolidated feed of everyone’s experience. Please don’t just post “use Linux, it’s better”. That doesn’t help. I just tried to setup a RAMDisk in Windows and use it with the Ubuntu installation on it. Let’s just say it was slow. Very slow. It may have something to do with the memory setup I had at the time. That is why I want to check with you guys to see if you have had any luck getting a RAMDrive in Windows to outperform plotting to an NVME.

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I’ve tried Imdisk and OSmount. OSmount seems to work better. I cannot compare with NVMEs as I don’t have any. In Windows 10.

Imdisk managed about 660MB/s of sustained sequential transfer from one ramdisk to another. I have DDR3 1333mhz ram.

I haven’t tested OSmount, though I format the ramdisks (2x 120GB) with ExFat, and have been using one per process as temp 2 and temp 1 is a SAS raid 0 (either 2 or 4 drives). Getting 2 plots every 7000 seconds now.

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I just went through this on my 5900x on windows this weekend. Took me a while to get it stable. As for an increase in speed over NVME, not a whole lot, maybe 60-100sec at the most increase. I may still have more tweeking to do, but that’s where I’m at right now. It is a little more comforting knowing I’m not burning up an NVME drive as fast.

What do U mean with “setup a RAMDisk in Windows and use it with the Ubuntu installation on it” ?
So you mean WSL?
Because in WSL, my NVME seemed to be limited to 300MB/s and I would expect the same for Ramdisks.

I’ve tried Asus Ramdisk, when I bought my PC, but had no use for it and now my 64GB wont help me either.
Wish I had 128GB and could plot almost without killing the SSD.

Yes, WSL Ubuntu. I haven’t had a problem with nvme speed. I can get 36 plots a day and my systems are pcie 3.0.

Well, when I tried madmax on WSL it took 140mins on both my 960pro and 980pro.
The windows-version took 50mins and 30mins.
Sry, dont know where exactly I saw the 300MB/s.

But I would doublecheck the speed in win and wsl.

Something like this would do

In Windows 10 with WSL Ubuntu, and a Samsung 980 Pro 1TB, I get 40.7 minutes. About 36 plots per day average. Back when I started using MadMax, there was no Windows version. I will have to try it.

I’ve used ramdisk with Imdisk on Windows 10 pro. Here are my results from NVME1 to same NVME1, NVME1 to NVME2, and NVME1 to RAMDISK all using madmax (this is with a TR 3970x):

nvme to same with 24 cores -
p1 - 773
p2 - 367
p3 - 846
p4 - 480
total - 2467 ~ 41 min

nvme1 to nvme2 30 cores -
p1 - 738
p2 - 281
p3 - 652
p4 - 151
total - 1824 ~ 30 min

nvme to ramdisk 30 cores -
p1 - 695
p2 - 292
p3 - 521
p4 - 124
total - 1637 - ~27 min

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RAM Disk in Windows is horrible and makes Mad Max not worth using in that environment. Use Linux if you are going to incorporate RAM Disk in your plotting.

I’m getting good results with RAM disk on my windows machine, the newest version of MadMax really made it go faster – see my thread for details. Biggest difference was buckets for P3+4 vs P1. Scope it: MadMax plotting results with new v0.0.6 in Windows