Ronski’s Win plot mover

I am just throwing this out there as a plug for Ronski’s Win plot mover. If you are stuck on windows because you are a bit of a Luddite like me and you are not very interested in struggling to learn Linux, then you should give this tool a try. It is easy to use and does a good job moving plots from your staging drive from your plotter to your destination/farming drives. And if you do like it, please don’t be stingy. Throw the man a biscuit and donate to his donation account a little Xch. After all he took the time to write it and make it available to the community for free. He is a real team player.
Thank you all for making this a fun place to hang out, I really enjoy my time here.


Thank you for your kind words, and just to add I’ve had some donations as well, so thank you to whoever they are from.


Where can this be downloaded from? Ty

Here it is

There’s also a thread on here.