Sealed 14TB SATA Manufacturer Recertified WD HC530 Drives for sale [UK]

Offering up some drives for my fellow Chia farmers stuggling to find decent drives in the UK.
These are intended for my own farm. Aquired through my business. I’ll be getting more in the not so distant future so I’m willing to sell some.

Sealed in original packaging.

18 month warranty. - will be logging serial numbers.
£160 each or £150 if you take 5 or more. Plus postage costs.

Can supply VAT invoice if needed.

DM for more info

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The only person “struggling” appears to be you stuck with drives you will never recoup farming chia

Try again with a more realistic price

FYI 160 Euros can get you 18tb refurbs

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Ok little troll.
The UK uses £ not € therefore you’d be 160 euros plus little % for currency exchange plus a brokerage fee and customs import duties …putting you north of €200 before addding the cost of posting them across the channel. Idiot.

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Still quite a high price for low density drives (it’s $14/tb). If you had 18-20tb at similar price per tb, then it starts being interesting.

You’re not in the UK are you?

I just imported three 20TB drives from the US, they started out at $175 each, by the time shipping, Vat and a handling charge had been added they are now £235 each. That’s still cheap for the UK. So £235/20=£11.75 per TB.

£150/14=£10.71 per TB, but you need to add a little for carriage. So per TB is still cheaper than above.

I myself wouldn’t consider 14TB drives for two reasons, I don’t want to increase drive count, that would mean more hardware to mount then in, and a bigger drive uses the same power as a smaller one.

Which is why I just replaced my last three 14TB drives with 20TB drives.

Finally I sold those three drives for an average price of £167 each with no warrantee (£11.90 a TB) , now you may understand why I consider the drives in this thread a good price.

PS Anyone who is Vat registered can claim the Vat back as the seller is offering a Vat invoice, so the £150 per drive becomes £125, obviously you have to be a running a business (I’m not) to be Vat registered.

You can get similar pricing at Amazon, check this website to see the prices for yourself (this is for the UK):

Lol go on amazon uk and find them…

Time you stopped talking rubbish.

This is following your link, and setting minimum drive to 13TB so it picks up 14 and bigger.

I’m sure even you can see the prices!

Enjoy your 14tb drives then, with port non included, with a 18 months warranty from what im sure is absolutely not a scammer (the chia forum is known for being very well moderated after all!).

I’m way below £10/tb for all my disk purchases and i dont buy below 18tb. Im not reselling them tho, and the supply is obviously limited, so don’t ask :slight_smile: (not that it’s hard to find)

As always, it’s a pleasure participating here. @sargonas is CNI still on track to do something about the state of this forum?

In this case it is you being argumentative, you gave a link saying drives were cheaper there, I posted a screen shot from that link proving otherwise.

You’re in a different country with different market prices, and when things don’t go you’re way you go crying to someone else!

Oh, and if you bothered to actually read what I wrote, I’ve sold my last 14TB drive, so I have none to enjoy.

We do not own or maintain the form, so we have no direct agency over addressing these issues, unfortunately.

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This thread makes me proud to be a part of the chia community…

I know the feeling, I think there must have been a full moon recently, it tends to bring the weirdo’s out.

In your previous replies on Discord, that I shared here and here you mentionned a licence to use the Chia name (your IP) that could be revoked. I assume you haven’t heard back from @dchuk. Scams are starting to appear. When can we expect the situation to get better and this forum reclaimed/closed?

The Chia community is not present here anymore, most of the contributors of this forum have left to Discord. This forum is unmoderated so trolls can bully and harass good contributing members without consequences.

If you want to help scammers sell drives, it’s on you buddy. I just added you to my ignore list anyway.

Putting me on an ignore list is just showing how immature you are, I’m not coming out with any unreasonable arguments, I’m just providing proof the price is reasonable.

That’s a pretty serious accusation that the seller is trying to scam people, what proof do you have? I haven’t seen anything to suggest this thread is a scam, you’ve not mentioned it before.

All I’ve seen is you’re unhappy with the price being asked, and have decided to take it upon yourself to police the price.

The seller has stated they are are business, and can provide a VAT invoice, if I was to purchase then the obvious route is to make contact, find out what the business is, and then check out that business, and only then make a purchase, preferably by credit card. Basically do my own due diligence. As always, buyers beware.


Have fun talking with the trolls and scammers, it’s only going to get worse here so you’ll feel perfectly fine :slight_smile:

I consider you one of them, especially as you haven’t said why you think this seller is a scammer.

I’ll ask you again, what proof or even justification do you have that the person that started this thread is a scammer?

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Reported your last reply for harassment.

Perhaps @aurelius’ abuse of flagging, and wrongly accusing forum members of wrongdoing, should be flagged? That is a rhetorical question.

@aurelius’ threshold for flagging a comment seems to be if he does not get his way. It is the equivalent of a child stomping his feet, but @aurelius clicks flagging.

@aurelius does not agree, so @aurelius flags.

@aurelius is not happy, unless @aurelius is flagging.


Perhaps @seymour.krelborn is being paid to harass and bully other members ? This is a rhetorical question.

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