Selling Supermicro SC848 CSE-848 24x Bay JBOD (4x Xeon E5-4650/512GB RAM)

Hei there,

I’m selling my beloved SirPlotAlot.

The idea was to have a combination of plotter and farmer that can be dynamically whats needed.

I actually never got past installing the OS, so I can’t share what its capable of. I essentially ran short on time.

Why I sell: I just noticed that I dont have a future at farming chia. I’m too small and netspace grew waaay to quickly for my initial calculations to still be relevant.

I’m based in Switzerland, so transport around europe using a courier like DHL or similar should not be an issue.

Heres the beast:

Includes RackMount Kit and 2x Power cables.

Theres even 1 year warranty on the parts itself (not from me, but original seller)

Some pics:

The JBOD itself is in awesome condition. Was only used in climatized datacenters, so there is literally like no dust on the components. Everything is fully functional (PSUs got replaced 2 days ago by original seller). Its has some scratches on the chassis, but we are not in a beauty contest here anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I just split off the 18x 2 TB disks for a more modular approach (in case you dont need the drives). So there are two options:

a. ) 3600 USD for the package as seen above excl. VAT, Taxes, customs and
b.) 3000 USD for the package as seen above WITHOUT 18x2 TB Disks, excl. VAT, Taxes, customs and shipping.

If interested, drop me a pm :slight_smile:


Aaand its gone. For now. I decided to keep it. Need some plotting capacity for when there are pools (maybe in some months, hopefully :P)

Thanks for your interest and understanding.