Setting for madmax

Hi guys, any suggestions for the settings regarding the mad max plotter:

My setup:

Asus 570x
2 x 2tb nvme (combined)
64 gb ram 3600 MHz

I have the same setup but with 128 gb ram plus water cooled. Set one nvme for temp 1 and another for temp 2. I had no gains in running them as raid… In windows im getting 1950 sec. In ubuntu im getting 1500 sec per plot but using a ramdrive of 120gb… importante: im using only 24 threads, time increases with the more cores i use.

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just did another test with r 16, u 512, v 128, +ram disk much better

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I have a better result with -r 16 -u 512 -v 512.


your ram must be 3600mhz + right? mine are 3600 128gb but dont want to run at that speed on a 570x with an r9 most it will do is 3333

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I am using 128 GB DDR4-2666. It’s a lot slower than yours :sweat_smile:

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ill try 512 on both see how goes… ill report back


Nice, it will be interesting to see the results :+1:

I currently have 64 gb ram 3600 MHz installed, when my other 64 gb arrives. I would like to a Ramdisk. Can it be done in windows or can I only do it in Ubuntu ? Thanks :blush:

As far as I know, Windows needs the app called ImDisk.


ImDisk work awesome for our purpose. Re- installing windows to test out the 512 on v and u.

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Hi, anyone can help with my setup here : is this correct


I currently have 64 gb ram and cpu 5950x. I do like 24 plots in 1 day.

And i have 2x 3)2tb. Viper vpn100 M.2 (combined to 4tb)

A)512 b on both :
Total plot creation time was 2297.9 sec (38.2983 min)

B)512 b on the first half and 128 buckets on the second half I got :
Total plot creation time was 1819.07 sec (30.3179 min)

i might have a weak nvme (inland premium 2tb) changing to 980 pro soon as i can justify buying them … this chia thing can get expensive and rewards are getting harder to get ahaah currently having fun lots of fun.

this is under window. im not an expert on linux downloaded a cheat sheet for the comands. will see how it goes on the butuntu soon as i get some free time.


How can you get this great performance ?? How much ram do you have ?

Mine takes around 1 hour for 1 plot :frowning:

Can you please share your command/script line for madmax ?

128gb ram

.\chia_plot.exe -n 1 -r 16 -u 512 -v 128 -p key_____________ -f key__________ -t d:\ -2 r:\ -d f:\

r:\ is a ramdisk but same speed with 2 nvme.


Okay :blush: thanks

I’m currently using this : Can you please help me set up the best setting with 64 gb ram (3600),:heart:

.\chia_plot -n -1 -t “H:” -2 “H:” -d “F:” -p “KEY” -f “KEY” -r 32

more cores do not get you more plots on windows

Oh okay, didn’t know that :grin:

But what about : -u and -v ? What should I use ?

Get a 1Tb fast NVMe and 32GB 3600Mhz fast ram, that is all you need I think. The rest you can resell. With those I achieve 26 min per plot on my 5900x


.\chia_plot -n -1 -t “H:” -2 “H:” -d “F:” -p “KEY” -f “KEY” -r 32

you can stop the process by CTRL + c couple of times…clean the drives and do try:

.\chia_plot -n 1 -r 16 -u 512 -v 128 -p “p KEY” -f “ f KEY” -t h:\ -d f:\

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