Should we be worried about hpool?

So apparently hpool currently is in control of 47% of the network according to a friend of mine.

  • Should we be worried ‘if hpool control 51% of the network’?

  • What will happen if this is the case?

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Did your friend say where he got 47%?

I’ve been monitoring their wallet. Assuming their winnings are proportional to the netspace they hold, they are at %30. Good news is this was increasing steadily but stopped recently and they never made it to 31%.

So my conclusion is there is no imminent threat from that poll with regards to 51% attack.


My friend said he got the 48% value from Keybase and the netspace and rewards handed out to their address.

I am unsure whether or not my friend’s friend on Keybase has done the calculations correctly?

Can someone please confirm what the correct % value is?

short answer: yes.

soon some guy will pop up here and will explain, hpool consists of thousands of independent farmers and only distributes the profits to all of them. i think we shouldnt buy that unless proven otherwise.

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Well, they are at 32,77% right now and seems they will hit 33% today…

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  • If they continue at that rate of 0.23% per day - hpool should reach 51% in 78 days (Wednesday 18th August 2021).

Yeah, I noticed that too. As if they waited for my comment to prove me wrong :angry:

In Chia Explorer, they appear as the biggest spender (after Chia Network) with 52K XCH sent to other wallets. So looks like they are keeping their promise and not stiffing people.

Maybe that’s why more people felt confident to join as there are still no pools and even with the pools we have to start over plotting anyway…

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Now we should be worried, HPool is getting bigger and bigger. They almost at 40% now and growing day by day and we left in the dark without any official pools in the near future. Never thought about this 1 months ago but it is getting a serious thread to Chia and could be the downfall if we have to wait 2-3 more months until official pooling will become available :confused:

So…i personally have invested more 8k$ in chia, started 1 week after mainnet launch and having 0 XCH earned. Honestly, i will be so glad if HPOOL will reach 51% and proceed to a nice attack and fall this scam to 0.
Is the place deserved by a coin with no scope other than wasting good resources, full of bugs app, with an illegal or unnoficial pool were they did nothing against…
I will be more than happy to see it fall to nothing.

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No sensible person would be making good profits by running a pool with 51% network space, then abuse it potentially causing them to stop making good profits.
That would be insane.
I wouldn’t worry.

Hpool is at 53% today. Reading my online chatter lots of farmers with less than 1PB are joining hpool so I expect this number to go up quickly

As I can see it since official pools are delayed yet again and you have to replot anyway and the Netscape is growing exponentially hpool is the only legit game in town.

I joined a week ago with 6400 plots. It was easy and you make chia every 10-15 minutes. In hindsight I should have joined as soon as I first heard about it.

You have two options right now. Either join hpool and immediately get some money in or sell your harddrive and a decent profit.

BTW I joined at the same time as you and have 94 chia. So I am guessing you have very few plots or something is seriously wrong with your setup?


HPool is not at 53% today, they’re more like around 40% according to official numbers.

Netscape according to chia explorer is 18.18 EB and hpool has 9.49 EB which is 52%. Where are you getting the 40%.

When you take Netspace from Chiaexplorer, you should also do with HPool:

I don’t see anyone having more than 40% of the netspace.

Interesting not sure who is right. Why is hpool reporting 9.49?

You missed 3rd option, solo and dont pay hpool a %, and just wait for reward.

Also what’s this about

What official pools, none exist or will exist afaik, very dependant on your definition of " official".

hpool is getting over half of the coins each day, of course they have over 51% of the network.

Why is this is bad thing for people making money on hpool?

Until we have official Pool running, I believe HPool will continue growing.
People just need to see income flowing to their farm, even with very small amount.

IMO, The delay of official pool release has contribute to HPool growth.