Should we be worried about hpool?

i’m just jesting. always create a cold wallet.

I might have missed it, but in this long thread I did not find one question.

Why would hpool mount a 51% attack?

Doing so would discredit Chia and kill the cow that hpool is milking … unless you think killing the cow is their intention … peeps trying to turn a profit would not want to kill the cow, so “they” must be government hackers.

If the Chinese or another Government wants to kill crypto then we’re all screwed anyways so I will not stress about this possibility. :tired_face:

No one forced you to invest that money. You only have yourself to blame :grin:

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Exactly, it’d hurt them to do an attack.

Spot on!

There is not one single incident or reported malicious behaviour about HPool so far. Not one!

Yet for some reason people are so convinced they are guilty unless proven innocent.

earnings in Hpool is declining. 3 days ago it was 0.42, then 0.38 And now it’s 0.35 /PiB

Should be expected if you considered cheating, difficulty and luck.

Not really,

testing with small farm

nothing to worry i guest

at least until official pool or more fair farm mode

Nothing to be worried about here. Once 21Chia is up and running, I will join the ‘official’ pool and slowly pull out from hpool or see which gives me better rewards. Until then… 0.1 XCH per week is better than 0XCH :rofl:

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how dangerous is it to run the hpool .exe …

In other words, wallet and chias I know they may be in danger … but?

Personal information?
Keys or passwords from google / bank / steam?
Unlimited access to hdd ??

Just run it in an isolated environment (i.e. Virtual Machine) with no personal data and an empty wallet

Its like giving the government your bank account password so they can take their taxes off your paycheque directly.


Best practice is not to mine/farm on a machine with personal info on it or set up a virtual machine.

That is how most of the world works, at least if you are an employee

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Why is no one talking about the major goings on at hpool today? Discord is buzzing! is now I looked the new address up. It is a godaddy account. is registered


Domain Name: Registry Domain ID: D6FD9F1CFC78348C19206AAC7294D02C5-NSR Registrar WHOIS Server: Registrar URL: Updated Date: 2021-06-19T08:12:53Z

Nobody seems sure who did what or who is in control …

What is going on there?

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Thereby admitting the defacto centralization which they are desperate to deny for regulatory purposes? I don’t think so.

Yes, and Chia is just one of 10k altcoin hopefulls that were set loose

The centralization has been done by Chinese iam guessing companies that have been trying to take over the netspace and always the people that joined the said companies will always be worried that
1 either they might never get any rewards
2 they might just steal everything from everyone and scram
3 the rewards might be a lot less than what the pools say they will give you
At least with official pools you have some security
It is most probable that they will gather again under 1 address and mess with netspace and hoard rewards again but at least we will all start the same time and maybe get a chance to win something even with small farms. But the rich will yet again win and become richer of course…