Soft fork and harvesters

What happens if farmer node is on version 1.7, but harvester nodes where on lesser version past block 3,630,000?

By the way when did we hit that block number?

The search function is great, try it out…

You can see @seymour.krelborn ran different versions without reported issues, but different versions to you.

so what happens if you have harvesters running from previous version? Or what happens if someone was running previous version altogether. Once he upgrades will his chain fix itself or does he have to sync from scratch?

The official advise is dont do it iirc.

Harvesters should always be updated to the relevant release ( same as farmer ).

But i edited my init post, see that.

If someone failed to update farmer, good ( new chain ) nodes woukd refuse connections .

Youd most likely end up on a wrong chain.

No updating wouldnt fix it i think, youd also possibly / maybe need to delete chain db and sync the correct one.
But possibly it would happen anyway / automatically as you rejoined the new chain.

Ill be honest, ive always just upgraded for forks im mining, who wants to mine / farm worthless chain xch?

TBH you were on 1.7 and iirc thats all was needed, do you have any reason to believe your having issues?

My wallet wont sync, and its height is going backwards. Wont sync, says not synced… or syncing, then not synced… I posted about it here: Wallet height going backwards

I just realized my harvesters where on wrong version. My farmer was on right version.
Other weird thing is I see it saying its sending partials to a pool I moved off of.

Just do the updates its a small job, and restart your farner, i had syncing issues till i restarted.

Updates can change this, always check pooling info after updates.
Any payout addresses

I did update the harvesters already. I didnt restart the farmer though.
After restarting the farmer my wallet is syncing.

How do I confirm I’m on the canonical chain?

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I updated only my full node, from 1.6.0 to 1.8.0.
My harvesters are still running 1.6.0.

No complaints in the debug log on my full node or my harvester boxes, and I have won a block from one of my 1.6.0 harvesters.

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  1. Shrooms.

  2. Let it be .

You updated, its fine

Not too sure on the best way here, but I compared my height to a couple blockchain explorers.

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maybe I’ll make a new key on a fresh wallet only install and try sending some dough!

edit: I sent some xch to fresh wallet then sent it back. So looks like I’m on the right chain.

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