The Journey to One Petabyte

AWESOME! I was hoping to find an expert out there! What do you think about my SAS switch “Not Authorized” error when trying to use the Web GUI? It works fine through SSH but here is the error in the browser (note URL goes to “interconnect5” correctly)


Is it because I don’t have SSL certs installed maybe? Do you know if I can install self-signed certs if so? Or will I need “real” ones?

Also: it sucks that HP keeps their latest updates behind a support paywall. I was able to find the next-to-latest ISO for HP SUM (software update manager) but there was a newer one that was released just recently. Do you happen to have access to it?

I still need to calculate total spend but I’m kinda putting that off until end of year taxes cause I don’t want to know yet lol. I’m an independent software dev so I luckily already have my own business that officially pays for this hardware and deducts/depreciates as appropriate.

I just topped 6000 plots last night! I’m plotting all NFT and I’m joined with Spacepool, but I still have about 1500 “OG” plots that I farm at the same time. I did get lucky on those a few times now! As far as I can tell, Spacepool is paying me appropriately for my contribution. I’m actually thinking about finishing a nice round 5000 NFT plots and then creating another NFT to plot the next 5000 NFT plots. This way I could either join both NFT’s to the same pool OR solo one NFT and pool another. Would be interesting to see which NFT wins the most over time. Should even out obviously (minus pool fees of course) but would be a fun experiment nonetheless.

its a firmware mismatch between your chassis and your card (permission denied problem).
i’ll see if i can get the latest firmwares for you and PM you on the forum.

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  • I received the P741m SAS HBA card and installed it in the mezzanine slot of my farmer blade server. It connected to the SAS switch in the back of the blade chassis and everything seems to work. My farmer blade is now directly connected via SAS to the SC200 array stack.
  • This means that the plotter blade servers can use the blade chassis 20gbs backplane when copying plots to the farmer blade. Here’s a screenshot of me catching them transferring over 12gbs at once across both built-in 10gbps ports to the farmer blade!

  • Bladebit continues to blast plots out - averaging close to 300 a day now. Just passed 6700 plots!

First let me say, I never derail posts, but could not sit back and keep quiet after reading this.

I may be very wrong, but I call BS on the amazing ‘‘find’’ worth a 100k for 200$. I’ve seen too many guys do the exact same thing where they go and purchase stuff and to feel good about their purchase they go online and share with their online community the ‘sick’ deal they found on ebay/craigslist. And when asked about the platform/auction they used to find it… its the same answer always, "im still on the hunt so cant share the exact details but ill give you a hint’ and off people go on the wild goose chase because random joe online claimed it true.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do hope you did get this deal, because it is a sick deal…but again seen this same story one too many times over the years to believe it, you know the saying if its too good to be true then its not Occam’s razor. Btw, I did enjoy your previous posts, and do enjoy the level of detail you give in your posts, so thank you for that.

Eitherway, ‘‘Truedetective goggles off’’ and good luck to you and your purchase and 1pib journey.
And enjoy your purchase be it you actually spent that, or ‘‘lucked upon it’’, you don’t need us to validate it. Again, not hating just debating.


Awesome, no problem! Glad you enjoyed it - more to come!

*Edit: I could not sit back and keep quiet after reading this on another thread:

Luck works in mysterious ways, yes? :slight_smile:


Difference is most people got similar or more lucky from that storm.

But nevertheless fair observation on luck :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Btw most especially enjoyed your post on how to fill up hard drives to the brim :+1:

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Not me, didn’t win a thing. Guess I already used up all my luck lol :laughing:

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By the way, you were right. I went back and checked my records and I was remembering it wrong. The starting bid was $200 - my winning bid was $255. Plus there was a “buyer’s premium” and tax. Unfortunately the receipt doesn’t give me the exact amount cause there were a few other auctions I won as well and it mixes the BP and tax all together. Let’s say $300. Apologies for the exaggeration. :flushed:


How’s it going? Filled up your petabyte yet? What do you plan to do with compute power once not plotting anymore?

Still plotting! Just passed 7800 plots so still a ways to go. Plus I just got another half PB from the Best Buy 14tb deal (got 36 of 'em) so I still have a ways to go after that - I should be pushing 2PB with current storage space. Oh I also found another good deal on 5 more of those SC200 enclosures, so that gives me room for another 60 disks.

As for the compute power - I’m already using it to mine Raptoreum. Bladebit takes about 15 minutes to make a plot and then it twiddles its thumbs for 5 minutes while the plot is copied from RAM to disk. So during that 5 minutes, it mines Raptoreum! I’ve got the Raptoreum process at the lowest priority, so literally anything else including plotting will “pause” the Raptoreum process. This way the CPUs and all 28 cores are constantly maxed at 100%.


Man you’re insane haha I admire your growing farm; I hope CHIA goes to the moon for all of us.

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Another update - with cyber monday coming to a close, I found 12 more of the WD 14 tb drives around town at various Best Buys bringing my total haul to 48 of these little guys. That will fill up four of my SC200 enclosures nicely!

I’ve already shucked them and installed them into the SC200’s. Once I figured out exactly where to place 2 credit cards in between the case edges, they just come right apart. They all work great, as expected, except for one that is DOA. It powers up, makes 3 buzzing noises, then powers down and is never recognized by the PC. I’ll take it back to BB for a refund unless they can find me a replacement or ship me one.

By the way, these drives are rated at 5v/0.5a and 12v/0.57a. The bigger Seagate 16tb EXOS drives are rated at 5v/0.9a and 12v/0.72a. If my math is right, that means these WD 14tb drives use a max of 9.34w while the Seagate 16tb use a max of 13.14w. That’s a pretty big difference - I’m going to be measuring actual farming power usage soon on different drives so I’ll know more!

Just passed 8300 plots. :sunglasses:

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Those credit cards of yours really do come in handy;-)
Congrats on the nice deals you had also!

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Quick update here - was able to exchange the DOA drive this morning with no hassle. There was one BB that had 2 of these left. The new price today is $249. I passed on the last one they had at that price - too rich for my blood. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Did you have any issues with the power pin # 3 on the shucked drives? I haven’t done this yet. They talk about putting a piece of tape over pin 3. (3.3v line) but its not on all drives the person said.

All the drives I’ve shucked from wd have just worked, with no need for elec tape.

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Wonde why so many video’s about this pin 3 deal.

How to Fix the 3.3V Pin Issue in White Label Disks Shucked From Western Digital 8TB Easystore Drives : 6 Steps - Instructables

No idea, it put me of buying externals at first, but caved due to the price.
I’d guess they stopped bothering once they knew it could be bypassed with a pennys worth of tape.

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Could always use one of these for two drives next to each other.

Are you sure?
That looks like a female to a male and a female to me.
I think most if us use the 1 port to 4 or 5 port leads.