The main technical issue that is keeping XCH price down

It’s looking like coins will be good for gambling and NFT gaming and such, and that is fine, it has its place. I have found a use case in tipping devs for their work - I’m not a fan of whipping my debit card out online so this coin thing has filled a use case for me. I can honestly say my crystal ball is broken - every guess I have had on direction of cryptocurrency has been wrong, so I’m learning to adapt and change as the landscape does.

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dont worry, it takes time. it started back in 2007…it may take another decade before majority realizes. they need to experience pain in order to change.

money is what people choose…it has been gold/silver for 5000+ years

crypto is great tech, but it has one major flaw…it needs electricity, and Internet. once shit hits the fan, electricity/internet is your least concern. you grab what is really worth

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I’m 5 days into trying to sync. Just a lil more now…

Changed my mind. Price is getting low because of how inflation and sell pressure work.

High inflation until the first halving. We was 100% inflation during 2022 and 50% in 2023. It will drop to 16% in 2024.

Sell pressure from farmers who are the ones that have a lot of XCH to sell in the market bring the price down.

The price is now maybe low enough that the farmer hesitate to dump too much of their XCH on the marker and prefer to hodl a little. Also XCH accumulators see this price a good opportunity to full their bags. So we are in a kind of balanced price now.

50% inflation can still bring sell pressure enough to lower the low.

nobody sells what is not needed to be sold…most kids hodl/hope…i dumped all my xch…wait for crash soon, rebuy again with more coins in wallet.

chia follows bitchcoin, BTC follows real economy…when Earth’s economy farts farts…everything else collapses. BTC is about to drop 50-80% more. Chia will most likely drop down to 20-25$ area. This one is sell out around 37$.

maybe in 2025 things start to be rosy again…meanwhile, most crypto projects will be regulated to death

That comment did not age well :smiley:

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don’t be fooled by paranoias based on “feelings” :wink:

Chia is going to drop lower than before :stuck_out_tongue:

You have a once a lifetime chance to load on Chia…I sold all, how about you?

Or do you wait when I will be buying all back at 20$ in few weeks?

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this is so f*ing crazy :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:
xch will jump in price several times this year, i expect it would cost $100 at least by the end of the year. this year also netspace finally become growing.

I highly doubt so. As long as crypto is linked to fiat currencies, it will go down with them.

With luck, we get back to 80$ by the halving.

It’s not going to pump because of recent developments. Wise people sell if it goes up to $50. The pressure to sell off XCH grows when it pumps. When forces collide! Gene said the reason the price is stagnant is because the farmers keep selling off their coins. I’m sure there’s a great number of people who have been waiting for Chia to rise up a bit so that they can dump some coins. I’ve been following the project since day one and honestly I’m less confident in it now than I’ve ever been. Maybe that’s just me.

If chia drops to 20, i’m going to load up.

I do see the price dumping if btc drops massively again, but thats all crypto right…

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Dollar cost averaging and only putting what you can afford to loose is the only sure way…

No one knows what the market will do, usually it does what everyone think it should not, otherwise everyone would be millionaires….

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price is stagnant because it is not speculative crap as Bitchcoin or other clones. That is purpose, they do not want speculation.

they wanna be listed on real exchange for investors…once there will be IPO, it will most likely kill farmers…and then whole network…no matter what…it suppose to be used for carbon markets illusion that is fragmented for years despite we know Earth is dying for at least 40 years.

What may sky rocket price would be official start of some sort of carbon credits as KlimaDAO tried until they were busted for fake credits. Recently, Vera reported that most credits are crap, double booking.

That is not good for Chia even with World Bank and Swiss masters behind it. So far, Chia has no use…price goes nowhere because there is no demand. I doubt farmers sell…I sell only paranoias like now…where poor dream about something not there, and then terrorise devs for yet another rug pull.

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