There's a new dashboard in town 😎 - introducing

Hey guys, just wanted to share something that I’ve been working on. is a web dashboard that can help you monitor all of your farmers and harvesters (also supports forks like flax and chaingreen!)

It lets you aggregate farmers and harvesters together and comes with many useful statistics about your farms, including response times, skipped blocks in short sync events, errors when sending partial proofs to pools, etc.

I added an OG Plot / NFT Plot counter in the most recent update. There are some other useful features such as Integration with Swar’s Chia Plot Manager and a drives list

Or you can also use it as a progressive web app on your smartphone

The client is open-source and you can learn more about it in its GitHub repo:

If you sign in with discord you’ll be notified through farmrBot and if you sign in with your Google account these notifications will be sent to you in an email

Have any other questions? You can find me in Swar’s Chia Community discord server and discuss chia farming with over 700 active farmr users.


Some examples of notifications

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Don’t they want ur private keys?

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I retract my statement. farmr is great plenty of insight. no private keys given

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I cant get notifications working well… probably cause I dont know how to use discord :sweat_smile:

I have been using farmr for weeks now and highly recommended it.

It is a very useful tool! :sunglasses:

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glad you realised that stealing keys on an open-source software while providing a bunch of tools regarding cold wallets would be counter intuitive :laughing:

It’s a good sign you haven’t gotten one yet!

I is confused… I thought I saw a place to enter a cold waller in… but no longer…
what other tools am I missing?
also is there a way to make this launch at boot with a remote harvester…
crons not working for me

would be cool if I could assign my own 10 digit number… and keep everything local.
would also be cool if the number could be replicated…
cause i have 60 harvesters… and setting each up with its own long number is a pain… and if I clone one thats already given a number… it still only reports the 1 harvester. buggered
I no dev tho
and maybe a choice of second number with notifications and ability to use remote services.
I just like to keep what I can local.

Is there a way to add remote harvesters to show up in your farm?

Each harvester must have a unique id. You can delete the file id.json to generate a new id.
Yes you can launch it at boot with “headless” argument, e.g.: “farmr harvester headless”
You can enter your cold wallet address by selecting each harvester in then clicking on the settings button and you’ll see a menu with some entries.

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yes, you can assign each device’s id to your account. These can be farmers or harvesters.

Where do I specify whether it’s a farmer or a harvester? I’ve added all of the id’s to my dashboard, but mine doesn’t look like yours. Mine looks like below.

You open harvester.exe or run farmr harvester on Ubuntu

Just as a quick update - this is no longer necessary. Farmr now autodetects whether a farmer or harvester is being run, which works great. There is no longer a separate harvester.exe or need to do “farmr harvester”, just run farmr instead.

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This should be installed on farmer machine ? Or can be install on separate PC ( without chia ) as remote dashboard?
Couldn’t find this information in installation manual.

the client must be running in each farmer / harvester device, it reports stats to main server. can be accessed anywhere from any device, including your phone.

Thanks you for sharing I found it very very much helpful, telling all the information about farming and plotting. :clap::clap::sunglasses::ok_hand::ok_hand::+1::+1:

Can you please tell me how to access from my phone? Thanks. :sparkles::sunglasses:

In the dashboard of what does it mean: Missed Challenges? Thanks for the replies.