Tips for replotting

Hello Forum,
can someone give me an advice how to best replot my plots with Compression…?
My Setup:
I5-9500, 128gb ram, a few NVMEs, Nvidia 1660 with 6gb VRAM.

Best regards - Speedy

It depends on who chooses what, in my opinion: GitHub - madMAx43v3r/chia-gigahorse

Hi Tom, thx for your answer…
with which settings and depending on the fees should i go…?

I have bladebit and pay no fee!

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I think its the best way to use 6gb VRAM GPU cuda plotting depeding on my own hardware with 128gb of ram.
Is there at the moment a good plotter available or should i wait for the future…?

That’s really great!!

I have GigaHorse, and pay 3% while earning 2x as Bladebit at the best compression. :rofl:

Works Bladebit with 6gb VRAM…?

I don’t use GPU compression only CPU so I don’t need it.

How many Time takes a plot with or without gpu compression…?
I have to replot a few plots an will do it at a very low timespace.

I replot with Gigahorse at 2.8min per plot…

I’m pretty sure Bladebit require 8GB Vram, but GH will work with 6GB

I gave up with Bladebit last October, replotted GH c19, now I’m replotting to c30, this is what I’ve had over the years.

  1. Standard Chia plot 101.4 GiB
  2. Bladebit c7 plot 78 GiB
  3. GH c19 plot 56.4 GiB
  4. GH c30 plot 43.3 GiB

Yes I pay a fee to Max, but look at the improvements I get, and the huge uplift in farm size, which far outweighs a 3.125% fee.

GH has three more levels above c30, 38.6 GiB, 33.9 GiB and 29.1 GiB plot sizes, if you have the hardware to compute your farm size.

GH wins hands down, unless you have a 4090 and a small farm then its DrPlotter with around 24GiB plots, or 411% compression.

If you already have a 3090 or 4090 or A5000 or better, DrPlotter is worth replotting to.
If you DON’T but have mid-to-upper range 3000 or 4000 card(s), Gigahorse is probably the best choice.
For folks like me still rocking lots of 1070/1070t1/1080/1080ti cards, NoSSD or doing lower-end Gigahorse modes seems to be the best option.

I’ve seen estimates of “3 years” for the “new Chia plot format”, but MY estimate is that CMI will push it and we’ll see it released to production sometime next year early, and current plots likely shut down late next year. I do NOT see any significant probability of a 1 year overlap or a 1 year to put it in place AFTER it’s tested and approved, and it’s been indicated that work is already being done to create it.
If you don’t already have the hardware, there is no way DrPlotter will pay off that “new to you” 3090 much less a 4090.


Thx for the answers.
So i think i should go at the moment with Gigahorse…
Or are you thinking in the next future other Plotters or versions will come an i better wait for it to replot…?

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If the current GH plots of c30 and greater are too compute intensive, then some lower levels will be arriving in the next week or so.

It really depends how much space you have and what GPU you are going to use for farming.

How many plots will you have? Up to about 3000 with your GTX 1660 C18. Time of one fence approx. 7-9 minutes.
cuda_plot_k32 -n -1 -C 18 -t d:/temp1/ -2 d:/temp2/ -d h:/target1/ h:/target2/ -M 64 -S 3 -c <contract_address> -f <farmer_key>

I have at the moment old 402 Plots. But HDDs here to include before replotting.
Thx for the plotting time with GTX 1660

Plot with what hardware you have, IMO.
CMI has already indicated they are working on a new “much harder to compress” plot format, as they badly underestimated how close we are to being able to “plot grind” when they developed the original format and during the first generation of compression (C1-9 as variously implimented by NoSSD, Gigahorse, and CMI themselves).

It does help explain why CMI seems to have made no effort to even try to compete with the 2’nd generation of compression, much less the current generation.

I doubt CNI have the time, they struggled with Bladebit.

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If you upgrade your GPU to a 3090 you could get 4x compression with DrPlotter. You already have the required RAM in that machine. I’d spend $600 on a used 3090 in your shoes (but I don’t know how much raw space you have).

Where are you finding used 3090 cards for $600?
I haven’t even seen a LISTING for one much under $900.