Tons of the same warning in debug.log

Chia 1.3.3 on Windows 10 Home

I have over 435,000 of these entries in my debug.log:

2022-08-23T01:32:23.822 full_node asyncio                 : WARNING  socket.send() raised exception.
2022-08-23T01:32:23.916 full_node asyncio                 : WARNING  socket.send() raised exception.
2022-08-23T01:32:25.579 full_node asyncio                 : WARNING  socket.send() raised exception.
2022-08-23T01:32:26.157 full_node asyncio                 : WARNING  socket.send() raised exception.
2022-08-23T01:32:32.474 full_node asyncio                 : WARNING  socket.send() raised exception.
2022-08-23T01:32:33.902 full_node asyncio                 : WARNING  socket.send() raised exception.

Can anyone please give me a diagnosis, as to what they mean, and whether or not it matters?
Anyone else getting them? And if so, is it a storm, or just occasionally?

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2 Question??

Why have you not upgrade to 1.5

Why are you on Windows 10. Linux runs better and faster for ploting. If you do not know linux it time to learn.

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And this started when? And and also why are you still on 1.3.3 and not at least jumped to 1.4.0? Space on disk???

I am winning blocks on 1.5.0…

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Until this showed up in the logs, everything is running smoothly. I am keeping pace with my estimated time to win.

When things are working smoothly, I do not make changes – unless the change offers a benefit. To my knowledge, none of the higher versions offer anything that will benefit me.

When I got started with Chia, I knew virtually nothing about it. As such, if I were to run into any problems getting Chia to work properly, I did not want to complicate matters with Linux.

I know the basics of Linux. But if I were to run into an issue, I would have a harder time trouble-shooting Linux. And I would have a harder time determining if any issues are OS or Chia related.

And I did have major issues when I got started, due to a bug with my Gigabyte motherboard. I will never use Gigabyte, again, unless it is free (and even then I would have to think about it).

After wasting hours and hours and hours trouble-shooting, I identified that the problem was with the motherboard. I returned the board, and got an MSI motherboard, and all was well.

But that is a major pain to troubleshoot, as well as swapping motherboards. And at the time, finding boards was very hard (like finding toilet paper).

Although Linux plots faster than Windows, it is not a game changer. If I were a Linux administrator, then I would have chosen Linux.

And to add to the decision making, I would have to choose from an endless list of distros, of which I know only the basics. That was just too much for me to deal with, when I got started with Chia.

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My logs go back to April of this year. The messages are in there, too.

See my reply to @airtac

133 GB free (and I can free up more, by deleting the v1 files).

I am keeping pace on 1.3.3

I plot solo. So unless someone gives me a reason to upgrade, I would rather not change what is working.

Perhaps the warning messages are due to me not being on the latest version?
If that is it, then I will upgrade. But that is just a guess.


A hopeful guess…>It might fix your problem? You can always go back to your old version, but not sure why. You would not be the 1st person to venture an upgrade to v1.5 … any issues would be covered here, but there aren’t any.

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I once made the mistake up upgrading to 1.3.4 (when it was the latest version).
It was not good.

Luckily, Chia made it just as simple to install 1.3.3. Going backwards works just as easily as going forwards (at least it did in that case).

Should I leap to 1.5? Or upgrade to a version that has been used a bit longer and is known to be issue free?

Maybe 1.5 is issue free? I have not been checking.

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The error probably doesn’t matter since it’s talking about your full node. socket.send() could fail if they try to send data on a disconnected socket.

This error isn’t at all helpful because it says nothing about the exception that was raised or where it came from. I also can’t find anywhere in the code that logs an error in this format, or anything that would resemble it.

As long as sync is working and you’re farming blocks, don’t worry about it. I have no instances of this message on Linux though, and communicate with plenty of flaky peers. Maybe it’s Windows specific.

1.5 is likely to be a lot better than 1.3 and has some more plot manager optimizations and better plot caching. Personally I’d upgrade to 1.5 over 1.3 or 1.4 at this point.


Never noticed this error on windows either.
Check the logs quite often.

I would ask on keybase support, maybe one of the devs has an answer or at least a pointer.

You can always try the upgrade. I’m onboard with the “if it ain’t broken, dont fix it” mentality, but since you are getting weird errors…

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I am leaning towards upgrading. I have a suspicion that that will remedy the problem, and I do not want to fall too far behind the current version.

There might be some non-critical communication mismatch between my 1.3.3 and the rest of the Chia nodes running 1.4 and higher.

I will upgrade later this week, when I am feeling adventurous, and when I have time to deal with any issues that might arise. I don’t think that there will be any. But I have to have some time available, just in case.

I am uncertain as to the stability of version 1.5.1.
How long has it be out, and have the upgrades been uneventful? Or are people having issues?

I just remembered that @Fuzeguy gives 1.5 a clean bill of health. But the latest version is 1.5.1

Do I go with 1.5? Or do I go with 1.5.1?

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That new release only been out 8 hrs, so likely hard to tell yet, but why not just go crazy and do 1.5.1!

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I have been down that road, when version 1.3.4 was released, and it had problems (which is why I am on 1.3.3).

So 1.5.1 is a no go for me. I will not risk it.

Version 1.5.0 has been out for a while? And is free of any meaningful issues?

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Just farming my 2500 plots so can’t tell about more advanced features like tokens/cat’s/nft’s but farming 1.5.0 has been smooth sailing for me for weeks now.


farmrBotBOT Today at 12:53 AM

Hrv35 just found a block!

Message I got this morning, I upgraded around 9pm last night to 1.5.1 my farmer and harvesters, go for broke, can always go back if needed right.

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You always can go here and see how long any version has been released > Releases · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain · GitHub


I run my farmer on Windows 10, its what I know and works perfectly.

I use Linux for plotting, and its so complicated, even doing something simple is ridiculously complicated and requires Googling, I could not imagine moving my everyday PC’s and server to Linux, it would be a whole world of pain!

PS I’m on 1.5.1


I farm in Windows 10 and plot with plotmanger (chia 1.5.1) ( I gave up my CMD line whenever I can)

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I was close to being forced to do a Windows update. So I did that update, which included a reboot.

I started Chia 1.3.3, just to make sure that the Windows update did not break it.
It synced up and was fine.

I shut down Chia, and made a backup of mainnet, and then installed Chia 1.5.0.

It was very fast. Everything is working, and no more of those warnings (see initial post) in debug.log.

I did see a new warning, pertaining to a dozen plots. But I checked those plots, and all is well, and Chia is reporting all of my plots. So I will make a new post with a proper title, if those messages re-surface. And I will check again, after my next Chia re-start, which will not be for a few weeks.

It feels good to be on a recent version, and running smoothly. :slight_smile:


Now put in 1.5.1 on your system, I already won some blocks with 1.5.1

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Honestly you remind me of my cat seymour.krelborn. Show her something new, like even advertised delicious new cat food…and she approaches it like a roadside bomb :boom:. And then eats. This time, it only took you ~ a day going from a definite maybe (not) to an I did it. Not bad.

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