Unable to use faucet

After getting chia setup I went to the faucet to get some chia and it never showed up. I can’t search for my wallet address on the scanner so I’m not sure how I can get any chia to start farming.

I ran into a similar problem in the past, it sends once then blocks your IP address from ever coming back. Pretty annoying really! Post an address here and one of us can send a few mojos if you like.

Or another hack I used was to hit the faucet again using a different address on my cell phone with wireless turned off - it’s a different IP address :sunglasses:.

It might just be backed up due to network congestion at the moment too… could still show up eventually.

What about your farmed wallet address that is the chia GUI, under the 3 vert dots
manage farming rewards

My address is xch1vct0udh3qtgk0k0xef8mnq6yfgcx9wlmgj24ct

I was thinking congestion but been over 24 hours. If anyone can help me I’d really appreciate it!!

Try this faucet it may be faster to get you going so you can but a NFT address…

Weird… I’m getting “invalid address” using two different wallets (official and Pawket). Did it cut a couple digits on the cut and paste by chance??

I made a new address xch1szaeyuwcvja8tz3z3mchf9ahwlfl47zp6djdmksp7lgq7fzdclhqcd5exw

Hey, there we go. Looks like we have have a confirm finally. Chia (XCH) Address xch1szaeyuwcvja8tz3z3mchf9ahwlfl47zp6djdmksp7lgq7fzdclhqcd5exw | XCHscan

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Thank You so much!!!

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