WARNING Respond plots came too late

Hello mine leiber kittens :innocent:

I keep getting this warning, not that offenly but still i wonder what is this about:
WARNING Respond plots came too late

In addition i’m facing this warning occasionally:
WARNING Cannot write to closing transport

Peace :cat:

To be clear I haven’t seen WARNING Looking up qualities
since i set up remote harvester in a proper way.

Me too, I’m getting some of these:

.plot took: 6.107045888900757 seconds. This should be below 5 seconds to minimize risk of losing rewards

FYI, these two errors are not the same. The OP’s warning is a message from the pool that he is a member of saying that he was too slow to submit that particular partial proof. The error from ChiaMiner is a local farm message saying that the harvester was slow. The second message can result in the first warning but not always.

The OP’s warning could be a slow internet issue or a local farm issue. The ChiaMiner warning can only be a local hardware/software issue.

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Ohh so that is when i fail on submitting partial proof in pool? If so i can’t really see how could it be slow internet connection because mine is fast.

Find that entry in the log and post the entire log section here (show 5 to 10 entries above and below that entry). That will help figure out what is going on.

It is probably fast enough, but it is totally possible that your internet provider has a temporary, very short duration problem, saturation, what ever, and it impacts on your farming.
I also have same stale points, that they are linked with this log errors, and they only happend in 1 out of the 3 pools im currently testing. On the other side, I know by a fact that my internet connection can be unreliable during some moments on the day, so it can be expected to have some sporadical delays. It is important to know how big is the issue to keep a high farming performance.

Going to smugly brag about how our farmer doesn’t have lookup problems :smiley:
Seriously though most lookup problems are solved once the Chia farmer and node are optimized. Even stales during plotting are reduced considerably. We even were planning to add “0” to the marketing before the third tester reported 1 stale.

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