Watch me burn $250K of server gear in protest of Chia [CANCELLED]

If I could do it before the cops come, it will be quite the spectacle.

Can’t sell it, the community here has assured me of that.

So burn it is!

Edit: I will not be pulling this stunt, if for no there reason that I simply don’t have the energy.

Plus it’s just crazy.

Hope you enjoyed this little mental health crisis…

Can I pull this off or will I pussy out?

Fire regs are a bitch.

Update, I have to do this demonstration upstate on my sister’s property.

Don’t care what you fucks say, quarter million going up in flames is going to get views.

Do it. This is hilarious. There was a moron who did this to a 1970 Dodge Charger because he wasn’t getting the insane price he was asking. He crushed it. That showed everybody! :rofl:


wow. spot on.

I will be channeling him.

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Idk man like you came in here trying to sell drives over $10/TB.

Id take all of them instantly for $5/TB you could prob sell them slowly at $8-10/TB

What is chia doing specifically that is making you upset?
The mods dont login here anymore so as long as your message isnt threatening people (so it can be reported to cops) you can write literally anything you want here.

No one has the user permission level to remove posts anymore. You can detail every single thing you dislike about chia. The 10 or so people who still login will read it.


This dude has really lost the plot, all he’s been told is he’s not going to sell drives on here for $16 a TB, even if they are gold plated. eBay he will probably achieve that, not 100% sure on that as its the American market and I sell in the UK.

You want to bet on that?

Posts can and do get removed, there are ways :wink:

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you can hide them by brigading them w/ reports but the reports go to nowhere and are automatically unhidden.

Worst you can do is waste your time logging into all your accounts to hide a post you dont like for 6 hours.

There are much better ways to fix the problem (like ignoring the poster so their messages are hidden) but honestly since its the same 10 people posting over and over ill read any unhinged shit if im bored even if I dont agree w/ the person or the idea.

we have essentially been abandoned to rot.
one day our host will have their CC renewed w/ a different expir so the autorenew stops and everything dies.

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coming to my bonfire, are we?

When and where is it ?


Don’t need multiple accounts, just friends :wink:

They appear to stay hidden as well.

Yes it is weird how the forum seems to be abandoned, seems like some sort of experiment to see if self moderation works.


with petabytes space, i would better offer cheap cloud disk on internet. you will say “f0ck” to the chia , when they lost their netspace (from your drives), you dont need make more pain to yourself.

just leave the chia and use the big space you have for something = make server services

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If I have to the balls to go through with it, in the next month or two

Just hoping you don’t think I’m a fake account or anything. Just someone having a breakdown, nothing to see here, move on.

Must be nice to have had a quarter million in the first place.

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I don’t think you’re a fake account, and obviously just being a forum its very difficult to know what lies behind what someone writes.

There’s a saying “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face”, the only person that’s going to be materially affected by you destroying you’re hardware is yourself, it has value, good value, so don’t waste it just because of people on a forum, or that some crypto has/is turning to crap.

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It was nice while it lasted

I’m starting to lose faith in the material world itself…not just consumerism, mind you, but the very fabric that binds something to whatever.

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My dear friend, I am so sorry you went through this. Please do not damage your disks.
Arwave net space is very low right now, unfortunately I can’t try it because I don’t know Linux. Most of the disks I bought for chia are not being used right now.
note; I hate hoffman.

Don’t let these haters discourage you. BURN. IT. DOWN.