"We're excited to announce that we've acquired the DrPlotter technology."

Dr. Nick has also joined the Chia team to work on the future of plotting!

The DrPlotter technology will remain unchanged and we’re removing all fees for its use.

Chia Network Acquires DrPlotter Technology and Expertise - Chia Network


As it was stated long time ago that they should do.

The question is whether they will run it into the ground the same they did with BB, as it looks like the problem with CNI is on management level, not dev.


So when will there be a windows version??? That won’t need a RTX 4090 card??

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As soon as the RTX 5090 will see the daylight. :wink:


It is funny where they say it will not require a replot to remove fees just a data copy…

  1. I thought there were no fees, just a share of gpu power? Just stop sharing the gpu!?

  2. The data copy is the hardest part for me, lol

Edit 3. I just switched eveything off

Edit 2

each DrPlot you create contains a small set of developer proofs, which will occasionally be solved just like one of your own proofs

So that all makes more sense now

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My feeling is that he stored plots in with your plots, and I think I’ve seen this mentioned elsewhere, if this is the case it could mean slightly smaller plots.

It would be interesting to find out the method used though.

Still need a windows version to test on another server…

Only if you have a 3090 or 4090 :wink:

Then it needs more work for the peoples use.

It’s needs 24GB of vram, that’s the problem.

As someone with a small farm, I don’t think the issue is the fees, it’s the price of Chia! :slight_smile:

I think @drhicom has a valid question. If you read that announcement, there are only two things of interest there (for me, at least). The first is that the main focus is still on having non compressed plots. The second is that Nick will be only “initially” working on his plotter (i.e., before the new plots will kick in).

So, the question is why they purchased it. From my perspective as a stop-gap measure to draw people from NoSSD to prevent them launching majority attack. Having only that 4x compression running on 3090/4090 doesn’t accomplish much, as potentially relatively small number of farmers (netspace) is sitting on it. So, if lower compressions and Win (as in GH and NoSSD) are not supported / added, that purchase doesn’t make any sense.

It would really make more sense if they purchased either NoSSD (removing that threat completely today) or GH (slowly drawing people away from NoSSD starting tomorrow). Apparently, they decided to go for Nick as the least expensive option; however, the one that as of today is rather worthless.

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Nick went for the 24GiB plots as he saw a gap in the market, I’m pretty certain he said that he could do bigger plots, which would of course not require so much vram, and thus be more accessible. So it’s entirely possible they may release plots sizes which are easier for the average user to produce, but at the pace CNI move I’m not so sure.

As for NoSSD have you seen their netspace lately, down from over 11 EiB (IIRC) to currently 9.32 EiB, it is decreasing, and I can’t see that stopping for a while unless they come up with something else.

Netspace is also decreasing in general, whilst some must be replotting to high GH compression, but still not making up for those packing up and leaving.

We are in agreement on most likely every point you have mentioned. The question is how CNI wants to handle it (there is no mention about less compressed plots in that PR article).

The only things that are really worth to focus (as far as NoSSD) is the border line capabilities for majority attack (33% of netspace + one 2x faster than the current timelord). They could also keep more people around if they lower their fees and/or add more compression levels, at least that would be a signal for me that they need that 33% (42% (12 EB) does not require 2x faster timelord). Also, they are the only party right now that will be pretty much done once the new plot format will be incorporated so that may be an extra motivation for them (Max has right now a very good motivation to focus only on MMX).


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