What about Chia IPO

There was message that Chia will go for IPO in Aug.
Oct is nearly gone. No further news. No explanation.

The best right now is


If you had a big pile of crypto to get businesses on your platform., would you burn it?
That just sounds like madness to me.

So what time is exactly for IPO? Can they promise? Can they realize in time?

Did you watch the AMA?

Yeah. They said before IPO there would be several days for silence, and they can talk about new project. So? How should I understand that? Is there certain month?

Finish projects Atari and Asteroid → enter ‘quiet period’ → IPO.

No specific timelines.


They also mentioned that there could possibly be notifications sent to early farmers to buy the IPO at the initial price.

I wouldn’t hold my breath. I am bullish on Chia and think it’s got legs, but Hoffman was really aloof back when Chia transactions went live about US exchanges, - if you remember he said that there were NDAs, and he couldn’t confirm or deny etc. etc. Well, still no US exchanges…

Anyone can add a coin to uniswap :wink:

Well, let’s wait and see if they can fulfill their promise. At least pool was coming later for 2 months.

Question is, later farmer is second class citizens.

DEX is needed, more and more countries are regulating cryptocurrency.

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:open_mouth: Chia is different chain than Ethereum. A bridge is needed if to do so I think.

Yep , that’s true, I’ve not looked into it, but it would appear the hard bit is already done.


I believe its already on uni, of course caveat emptor, make sure it’s the real deal.

Wow, I will try this. Thanks man.

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I take it you know what your doing, you seem to.
Don’t want you buying a fake coin .

Sure, I will be careful. Thank you for warning me.

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Gateways prob safe.
It’s using uni, need to check you’ve got correct contract address.
I’m not eth proficient, but I know that much.
I didn’t buy it at ipo, not buying it now lol.

Blockchaim bloats a bitch…

Roll on the the release of non blockchain crypto :wink: