What happens if someone steals my plots and my private key?

What would happen if someone stole (copied) some of my plots along with my private key?

Assume I don’t realize this has happened, and continue happily farming on my machine.

If they start farming the same plots on their own node, what will happen?

I have answered it here:


What happen if one brake into your house and stole your car keys? :slight_smile:

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Well, in this exact scenario, if someone breaks into my house and 3D prints my car and my car keys to create perfect copies and puts my original car and keys back where they found them, I’m pretty fine with that!

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I guess they could do that… or, since you are farming them already, just use the key to monitor the account until you hit a coin, then send the coin to a different wallet. What would be the point in them farming them as well?

Farming your plots on another machine wouldn’t make sense. They’re doing unneeded work.

With your private key they can access and transfer any XCH you’ve acquired.